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My Proposal Disguised as my Birthday

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Although my proposal story happened almost a year ago (October 20, 2007), I thought I'd share my story.


I'm a massage addict but had never been to a real spa. I'm also a big snoop and with my birthday nearing (October 24), I was getting curious what I was getting for my birthday from Sheldon (FI). We live together so he has to be crafty to hide my gifts. I couldn't find a thing! One fateful Wednesday, as we came home from work, I checked my missed calls. Thank you call-id! There on the screen was a missed call from the Tigh-Na-Mara Resort and Spa. Jackpot! I was going to the spa for my birthday! I quickly realized I needed to delete this from the phone as my sweet bf had worked so hard keeping it a secret from me and I didn't want it to be ruined for him.


That night, he started giving me clues as to what my gift was. Before bed, he said "you'll need to pack a weekend bag with a swimsuit". Thursday night he told me "you'll want to bring a nice dress". Friday around noon, we headed out to the "mystery" hehe destination. The resort is only 30 minutes away from home so I played dumb and asked why we were pulling off into Parksville.


When we arrived at the resort, I was surprised that we had a spa-bungalow cabin rented for the entire weekend! It was a large 1 bedroom cabin with two fireplaces, a lovely little kitchen, a king size bed with a jacuzzi in the corner. On the dinning table was a little plate of premium chocolates that the resort had set out for me with a birthday card. Then, Sheldon told me we had to hurry over to the spa as we had a romantic afternoon for two booked. We started off with a mineral bath for two with champagne and strawberries along the side of the tub. We then both received a fabulous massage in our private couples suit. After leaving the spa all relaxed, we decided to venture into the town to find a nice place to eat. Instead, we settled for a pizza from the grocery store and some champagne for Mimosas the next morning. We spent a nice evening enjoying the jacuzzi.


The next morning, we went for breakfast at the resort restaurant and quickly headed back to our cabin to relax in some robes and enjoy our Mimosas. Hanging out on one of the couches in the living room, I was reading the guest services book, eying the spa menu for pedicures and wraps. As I was doing so, Sheldon was sitting on the other couch, asking me if this was our best getaway yet? "Of course! You did a fantastic job planning this birthday getaway!" I replied. Then, I looked up from the guest services book to see him on one knee with a little box. He then said "there's a time when you know its time to take the next step with someone. I love you and am ready to spend my life with you. Will you marry me?"


Before he could open the box I told him he was mean for joking like that but before I could finish my sentence, the box opened, and there was a ring! I immediately began crying...my eyes were so misty I couldn't actually see the ring for 5 minutes! When I did see it, it was perfect!


He later revealed that he was going to wait until dinner at the resort restaurant to ask me but then realized I would probably cry (I'm a crier! lol) so he made sure to do it long before dinner so that I wouldn't have red eyes for the whole restaurant to see. Very considerate of him.


We decided to just enjoy the rest of the weekend and not to tell anyone till we got home on the Sunday. He also revealed that he did as I so advised him many times to do...call my father and ask his permission. He scored a perfect 10 that weekend in my books!

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