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Key West Wedding

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#1 SoontobeMsKniss

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    Posted 12 August 2008 - 04:43 PM

    Hi! I'm planning a beach wedding for May 09. We are looking at Smather's Beach. My fiance and I are planning on staying at the Southernmost Hotel on the Beach for 9 days. We were going to include other othel/resort options for our guests to choose. We are going to invite about 100 people but only think about 60 will show up. We want it to be very casual and relaxed. We are looking at a short ceremony with dinner/food at the Rum Barel afterward. Does anyone have any advice on any of these places? I'm at a loss as to what I want to include on the invitations other than hotel info and our wedding website. It is going to be up to the guests to schedule their travel. We are not using a travel agent. Any adivce will be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!

    #2 FLgator

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      Posted 12 August 2008 - 08:20 PM

      We had considered a Key West wedding, but decided on a cruise that did not include it in the itinerary. We were thinking Roof Top Cafe for the reception, and had come across some great pics and reviews. That's all the info I have for you. Good luck!

      #3 luckygirl

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        Posted 13 August 2008 - 11:11 AM

        Hi there! My wedding date is 5 days before yours!! We will arrive May 21-25 and then we're off to Anguilla. I've been to Key West 4 times, and I was just there July 18-22 scouting our places. I had originally looked at SMBH, but when my FI saw the Hyatt on Front St. across from the Rum Barrel, and we thought of the amazing view, we could not pass it up. I think the SMBH is great, even though we did not stay there, we stayed at the Casa Marina. We were able to check out the La Mer Dewey Beach House and the room was awesome. The beach was great as well for a wedding. Have you talked to a planner or someone who will do your wedding on the beach? From what I was told from another planner that I'm not using (I'm using the one from the Hyatt), 60-100 guests sounds like a lot of people for that beach that is open to the public. All of the beaches are open to the public, but at Ft. Zachary you can reserve a space and the fee ranges from 300-500 I believe. That way you don't have to worry about finding a space large enough for all of your guest. I did speak with WC Peggy Russell and know of another bride who used her for DOC for her beach wedding on Ft. Zachary and then assisting at the Hyatt. My FI loves Pat Croce's Rum Barrel because Pat's from Philly, and they sell a Philly Eagles t-shirt with an eye patch over the eagle's eye. If you want more info I have lots and you can PM me if you want. I would be happy to help because I know how hard it is getting info with hardly anyone on BDW getting married in Key West. Good Luck! BTW...did I see you post something re: travel on TA?

        #4 mpajkos

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          Posted 14 August 2008 - 12:52 AM

          Fortunately I live only 5hrs from Key West and My FI and I love every minute we have to go down there to plan. Needless to say we have been to the rum barrel and we always have a great time. The people are really nice and its a really cool atmosphere. As far as your invites go.. If you offer options on places to stay that are close to the action and /or the wedding/reception its up to your guests to book it themselves. Lots of places have websites they can book directly on. Provide the websites on the invites for a little extra help. BTW I am so excited to see more brides getting married in KW I was feeling a little lonely :)

          #5 SoontobeMsKniss

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            Posted 14 August 2008 - 10:45 AM

            Thanks so much for help on this!!!

            Does anyone know much about Smather's beach. Since I have never been there I don't know what the beach is like. Should I have my guests meet in a certian area and then head to wherever the ceremony will be performed? Also, I've read that Key West is small and everything is within walking distance. We are trying to make this as budget friendly as possible for our guests and also want them close to us. Any suggestions for a place to have a rehersal dinner or a moring after brunch that won't break the bank?

            Thanks everyone!

            #6 mpajkos

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              Posted 18 August 2008 - 02:48 PM

              The sand on Smather's beach is nice. The beach is labeled at each stairway where you enter the beach. So you could just tell your guest meet us at our ceremony location 15 on Smathers beach. We are having our rehearsal dinner at Margaritaville. they have a great variety and they always have a band. There is also the conch republic seafood restaurant. Theres a cool restaurant called Two Friends Patio Restaurant. They do breakfast lunch and dinner. cool atmosphere and prices aren't bad. We are having our brunch at Blue Heaven Restaurant. (Another Jimmy Buffet reference) I just found restaurant guide I got last time we were in the keys. Southernmost beach cafe looks inexpensive they also serve breakfast lunch dinner and they are right on the water. Oh Schooner Wharf is a cool place I have only been there for drinks and dinner but they are open for break,lunch&dinner. good prices (its very key westy). My fiance and I love going to Guy Harvey's Island grill for lunch they also do dinner too. also check out The Menu - A Dining Guide to Paradise - Key West, Florida.

              #7 luckygirl

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                Posted 18 August 2008 - 06:05 PM

                In reference to Southernmost on the Beach cafe, we checked it out for a beach bbq lunch or day after wedding brunch, and they wanted you to spend at least $2500. Melissa at SMH did say the packages were changing, but I though $2500 for a bbq or brunch for 40 pp was a bit much. A friend is having her rehearsal dinner at Santiago's Bodega and they're supposed to have good Sangria and tapas. I was going to consider Blue Heaven, but the hostess was so rude that I cannot go there again. If I'm willing to fork over $50 for breakfast, you would want to be nice to me before I even sit down. Just my experience, and I know others love it, but the staff's attitude would need an adjustment. Conch Republic was good, and there's another spot in that area that is inexpensive and fun, I just can't think of it this second. When I was down there and spoke with wedding coordinator Peggy Russell, she mentioned it but now I've forgotten it. She also suggested that we go to El Meson de Pepe (I think that's the name) when they have a salsa band (free entertainment!) and have app's and drinks for a welcome reception/dinner kind of thing. Then we could all walk to Mallory Square located behind the restaurant for the sunset celebration. When I come up with the name of the other location on the waterfront I will let you know.

                #8 Kristy621

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                  Posted 08 December 2008 - 01:01 PM

                  I am also getting married in Key West in May 2009... we are getting hitched at the parrot key resort, on smathers beach. While I have been to key west a ton of times, I never ventured over to that side of the island.

                  I have though been blue heaven and it is awesome, but could be on the price side. I don't know if they still do this but we used to go to Alonzo's (downstairs) and they have durring happy hour hours 1/2 price apps and they are so good... me and my friends would go all the time we called it the seafood extraganza.. if you are looking for just apps, and don't mind doing it a bit earlier in the day you could save a bit of money if they are offering it still.... might be worth looking into
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                  #9 Carlitarenee

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                    Posted 05 January 2009 - 02:54 AM

                    Hi!! I'm getting married in Key West Aug 4, 2009 while in port during a cruise. I agree Blue Heaven's food is awesome and I like the laid back atmosphere, but it can be a little pricey. I would recommend checking it out with your new husband if you have time during the week and try the banana heaven (my favorite!) Good Luck with your planning.


                    #10 naomiluvsdierks

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                      Posted 13 January 2009 - 11:06 PM

                      I am getting married November 10, 2009 in Key West also while in port on a cruise. We are going through Weddings to Go Key West as our planners and we are getting married on Smathers Beach. My family is meeting us there. Other than that, I have no idea what we are doing for anything else. I love to hear what everyone else is doing!

                      Thanks Rebecca!

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