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  1. Nope not me. But that would have been awesome.. Lol
  2. LaBre, I was just married in Key West on Saturday. If you do choose that destination I would be happy to tell all about my experiences and who I worked with give you my website info just let me know. I am so sorry you had to switch your location
  3. I did not, but I have stayed there and I can vouch it was amazing! I got married at the parrot key resort which in my opinon is equally amazing. the only down fall was that it was not right on the Duval strip and a tough walk, but we hung out all day at the resort and got group cabs in the night we went out.
  4. Melissa, I have a simalar situation to you. I have a planner and she is great and she has awesome ideas and everytime I get off the phone with her I feel like wow this is going to be the best party I have ever thrown! The problem was and is getting on the phone with her. The funny part is that even the girls she gave me for references told me that she was slow to respond and often times I would most likely need to chase her for answers to my questions for the reasons LeAnne pointed out. However I was also told that I would have a wonderful and beautiful wedding so I booked her and jsut
  5. I know it sounds like a lot and it is ... lol ... but it is to two seperate entities. The resort has a service charge and my planner who is not associated with the resort has her charge or fee. So it is 21 and 21 not a true 42%... Please he would totally had a stroke, and I would have been close behind! But it is good to know that the money is in fact going to given out to the people that are working the event. That eases my mind if we decide to not do anything additonal. Thanks for the inside tip
  6. We also got wedding insurance because you never know what will happen. We used travelers which is our carrier for car and renters. Here is the link, my policy covers, deposits, lost rings, stolen gifts, no shows, medical emergency cancelations, travel interuptions, and sever weather. I think Travelers Wedding Protector Plan | Cost Information and Premium Calculator for Wedding Insurance
  7. I could ask her how she is going to handle that actually I would make him do it.. I am such a wimp! but she wouldn't be the one tipping the wait staff. There are 2- 21% charges one from her which is fine this is how she makes her living and one from the resort for the reception. So in a sense 42% in tips or service fees... My FI is not a cheap person but we paid for the whole thing ourselves and he feels it's more then enough... The problem is that there is no right or wrong answers.. so how does anyone know what to do! thanks for the advice
  8. Ok I know that there are a couple of threads about tipping, but I have a specific question and having heated debates with my FI 2 weeks before the wedding... With all the stress already we don't need anymore. So here is the question. Both my wedding planner and my resort are charging a 21% service fee on our package. Now I am not sure what others are paying but it seems pretty in line for the united states with a typical 20% tip but with the amounts we are spending it is a large sum. Anyway the debate is over if we should be giving additional tips. I think yes, I don't think that
  9. She is out of her studio till May 6th, per her auto response. It also says that she is booked for all of 2009 for weddings and boud shoots!
  10. It is not completed just yet I need to proofread and all of that, but almost there. I am going to put this in the welcome bags. tieing the knot news post.doc
  11. Yeah it is. I just wish the resort was a little more upfront about it and told me that they were doing this. I was caught so off guard with no explaination. I was prepared to have everyone cancle and re-book it didn't come to that though thanks goodness.
  12. Not really sure even where to put this post, but keep an eye out ladies for price changes in this economy. I am getting married in 2 weeks and I was called by one of my guests who told me that my resort was advertising room rates that were significatly less then what I was given a year ago when we booked. of course I called my planner who got a price adjustment for everyone staying on the grounds. Each person is saving now saving between 50-100 a night. So stay on top of the offers your resort has and you might save some money.
  13. Hey honey, I printed screen and then pasted it into a word doc. Not the most technically savvy thing but it worked... then I just edited it in word and uploaded!... Can't wait to see one of you yours!
  14. I noticed that too! lol wow it's getting close no? exciting stuff
  15. So I have to say that I thought my pics came out awesome. But after seeing some of the pics on this post now I am not so sure! you girls look amazing... I am posting one of mine, one of my favs, very mysterious!!! I edited out my top so we can stay pg... LOL pic.doc
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