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News Flash! We are changing locations to Riviera Maya/PDC

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Aaron and I have been doing a lot of thinking and have decided to change our location to Playa del Carmen/Riviera Maya Mexico!! The main reason we chose this location is because it is more centrally located for all of our guests from both Michigan, Florida, and Washington, and because there are a lot more things to do there.


I now need your help finding a resort!! We were looking at Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun but it may be a bit pricy for my college friends on a budget ($1900 per person for 6 nights and air throught Apple Vacations). If you have any suggestions, please let me know!!


Also, any ideas on where to get a small cake in PDC/RM? I was going to just have the resort do it but am looking at other options.


I am excited to talk to you guys and get ideas!!

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There are SO many beautiful locations that you really can't go wrong if you change you mind. I'm happy that you found a new place that is more suitable. I would have loved getting married in Hawaii, but their are reasons why it just wasn't a good idea for our wedding.

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Awesome! I am sure that everyone will love the RM. For more affordable options you might want to look into:


Dreams Tulum (I am biased towards that one though)

Bahia Gran Principe

Any of the Riu resorts

Akumal Beach Resort


Thats all I can think of off the top of my head. I am sure that there will be a bunch of other suggestions.


I can dig around for bakeries in the area down there. I dont have my list with me, but I did a little research on it also

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Hi Tammy,


We looked at Hawaii as well, but the airfare alone from Detroit would be between 800 and 1200 alone so I figured many of our guests would not be able to attend. Also, I found Hawaii had a lot of "hidden taxes", such as an energy tax or something like that, which was ~$15 a day for your water, lights, ect.


I am glad we decided on Mexico.


Thanks for your suggestions Jason!! I will definately check those places out!! Also, let me know what you find as far as bakeries.

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Amy, the more I research the Riviera Maya, the more excited I am, I think it will be fabulous!


No ideas about cakes, but I have done TONNES of research into the locations, and needed some more affordable options too.


Riu Palaces are a bit more expensive, but the Riu Yucatan is more affordable.


Also, the Barcelo Maya is a more affordable option and looks great.


Grand Palladium Colonial


and Dreams Tulum too -- this is the one that I still cannot get my mind off of even though I finally picked a location. I really liked it, but my FI nixed it... don't really know why.


Anyway, those are the most affordable but still nice ones that I found in all my research!


The beauty of the Riu and the Barcelo is that you can stay at the posher more expensive side and have your wedding there, and some of the guests can stay at the cheaper side, where you can go to use the facilities and spend time there.


At the Riu, only 20% of your guests can stay at other Rius or hotels, and you have to pay for a day pass for them to attend your wedding.

The Barcelo doesn't have those restrictions.


But, I really like the idea of people being on the same complex and being able to choose the price range that they want.


Hope this helps!

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One of the resort chains we're looking into is Iberostar. They have a lot of features that appeal to us: disco for adults and another one for teens, kids club, babysitting services, golf, spa, room service, etc... and their prices they have listed on their website seem really reasonable.

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