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Paradisus Palma Real Wedding Review 6/19/08

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I am back from my PPR wedding and let me tell you it was PERFECT. You have nothing to worry about Viviana and Carolina and the rest of the team could not have been more professional and accomodating.


I had my first meeting with them on Thursday and we went over all of the details and the invoice. She also gave me a walk through of where the ceremony would be ( gazebo), where the cocktail hour would be set up ( plaza colonial) and where on the beach our reception tent would be set up. She also told me what the plan B would be.


Friday evening we had a welcome reception of cocktails and appetizers at the Jellyfish restaurant, the hotel staff was extremely helpful in arranging transportation for all of our guest and every one had a fantastic time, the staff at the Jellyfish was great too and they gave us an extra hour on the house.


Saturday the day of the wedding I woke up early, called Viviana , went and hung out in her office for a bit while I completed my seating arrangements and kept seeing all the activities that were happening. I then went to the spa and had my hair and nails done. Everyone was wonderful and professional.

At all times I was in touch with Viviana or Carolina, they were always around throughout the day no matter what I needed.. We had the pre-ceremony cocktails in the lobby bar and what a great idea this was, since when it was time for the ceremony to start , they were just able to move everyone all at once. The ceremony was held in the gazebo and the justice of the peace did it in spanish and Viviana translated, the whole thing lasted about 15 minutes. We had the trio perform, and the trio is spectacular, our guests absolutely loved it.

Ladies take in that moment when you are walking down the aisle it truly is special. After we said I do, there were waiters with champagne and mineral water ( for the non drinkers) and we took some pictures with family and friends and then Viviana escorted everyone to the cocktail hour so that we could take our formal portraits. Our photographer was Juan Guzman and he too was just wonderful. It was extremely hot so we were in a bit of a rush to have our pictures taken because 1) we wanted to join our guests and 2) my groom was dying to get out of his suit. So Juan if you happen to be reading this , we did not mean to be rude we were just dying of heat

When we arrived at our cocktail hour to the applause of all of our guests and everything looked beautiful and the food was great. We made the typical Dominican Moonshine drink "mamajuana" our signiture cocktail and hour guests were thrilled. We had a guest book that had a polaroid camera so everyone loved taking random polaroids and signing the book.


Afterwards, Viviana once again escorted everyone to our tent on the beach and once everyone was seated she announced us to everyone. We had the American/Dominican mix DJ and you know what he was GREAT...early on during dinner he played lots of R&B and ballads and then to get everyone dancing upbeat latin music followed by tons of pop, hip-hop, lots of popular music mixed with Latin music.

We did the buffet and everyone raved about the food. We also had the fire dancers, fire works and the cigar roller...I know that this was a decadent splurge but we really wanted to make sure our guests had a great time, since they were coming from the DR, Texas, Florida, California, and even Idaho. After the fire works show Viviana told me that she was going home. She could not have been more great and I do not know what I would have done without her and her team. When the wedding ended we wanted to do it all over again. Afterwards I changed out of my dress and met our guests at the casino followed by the lounge in the hotel.

It really was my perfect wedding. The decor was everything I asked for, the food was great, the music wonderful and most importantaly our guests left thanking us for showing them such a great few days in the Dominican Republic.


Here are a few pics, I will post more as I get them.

bodas en republica dominicana


Please feel free to PM me with any questions you might have



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Oh my goodness! WE met!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea you were on this forum when we met! you were sitting in Viviannas office doing your seating arrangement and I was there for my meeting. You told me that you were using Juan and to not worry that everything would be fine. I saw your set up that night it was beautiful. I wish i would have known you were a member of the forum. We should have taken a picture together.

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