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My engagement story

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I love Christmas. Decorating the Christmas tree has been one of my most favorite things to do since I have been a little girl. When Kenny and I started dating 3 years ago (our first date was Valentineâ€s Day 2005), we both decided we would start fresh with ornaments so we would be able to have a special tree together filled with wonderful memories. I think we both knew after about 10 months of dating (we were already living together) that we had found what we each had been looking for. So now, all the ornaments we have on our tree, with the exception of some filler ornaments which reduce each year in number, we have very special ornaments collected from trips weâ€ve taken together or that were given to us as gifts. Itâ€s so fun to decorate the tree because each ornament we pull out we talk about the wonderful memory attached to it. Anyway, it was the weekend after Thanksgiving and Kenny and I planned a romantic evening in which we would cook dinner together (surf and turf), drink wine, listen to Dave & Tim and decorate our Christmas tree together. Kenny puts the lights on and I was prepare the ornaments with hooks, then we put the ornaments on together. One thing I have been frustrated about for about 15 years now is that I have not been able to find a Christmas tree topper I love. I used to put my favorite stuffed teddy bear on the top of my tree, when I was single, but Kenny thinks this is too girly. He insists on using this old ugly one he has and I refuse to buy one until I find “the oneâ€. We were just about finished with the ornaments and I started in on my typical complaining about the tree topper. Kenny goes into the other room and brings out a big Christmas gift bag. My eyes lit up! A tree topper! Finally! Yay! I was SO excited. I started pulling tissue out of the bag, eager to see the topper heâ€d picked out. I started to realize, after removing most of the tissue, that there was no tree topper in the bag - either that or it was the smallest tree topper in history. I got to the bottom of the bag and pulled out a small box. He took the box, opened it, got down on one knee and said, “Will you marry meâ€. I was in complete shock – still a little confused that there was no tree topper! Of course I said “yesâ€. Kenny is my best friend. I couldnâ€t imagine life without him. Now, here we are planning our wedding!

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