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Wedding Planner/Consultant/Coordinator

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This is a two-part question...1st Does anyone know if there is a difference between a wedding planner, a wedding consultant and a wedding coordinator?


And 2nd, Has anyone had any experience with the above in Las Vegas? I am looking to hire a professional to orchestrate my wedding next year and would be delighted if a good referral were sent my way.

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I believe a planner, is just that, someone who will plan the whole thing for you.


Not sure about consultant.


Coordinator is someone you hire to help with the flow of events, interact with vendors, and basically take care of everything the day (and sometimes week) of.


A recent bride over on theknot used CLM weddings and was thrilled with how it went.


I personally prefer to plan everything myself and hope to enlist a couple of friends to be my "go to" people on the day itself.

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Thank you atlcatlover. I did a phone interview with CLM and one with Events by Michele. I ended up choosing the second one because of her level of professionalism as well as her level of experience. I hope everything goes well...I feel like I am putting a lot of faith in someone I have never met, but am going with my gut on this one. I just know she is going to do a good job.

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