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For those who put rhinestones on starfish

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I think I likely know more about rhinestones that anyone should. I own a vintage jewelry repair store and I reset rhinestones all day, every day. I would not recomend using hot glue on them. If it gets warm outside, the hot glue starts to melt and gets tacky. They rhinestones will fall off or move around in no time.


I don't think point back stones are what you are looking for. They need a rounded cup to sit in. You will want to stick to the flat back stones. FBs come in 2 styles...glue on and hotfix. The hotfix stones already have an adhesive on the back. You heat the adhesive up to attach it. I use a soldering iron for this...but Joanns and Michaels sell special hotfix irons for around $20. If you go the glue on route, you will want a tube of G-S Hypo Cement. It is hands down the best glue to use with rhinestones. It also comes with a needle like applicator so it's very easy to use.


The best place to get bulk FB rhinestones is likely EBay. I generally use the point back, so I don't have many of those...but I do sell vintage rhinestones. Also I would not get acrylic or fire polished stones . Make sure you get glass machine cut stones. (like Swarovski). If you have any questions or need any help, just let me know.

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