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  1. Hey Erika, Was your date April 11, 2009? Make sure THEY are sure because it supposedly is a Mexican holiday from the 9-11 and weddings according to the website aren't held on holidays. I would hate to have them tell you at a later date that can't do it. Otherwise we will be there the same time:)
  2. Hi Jennifer, I am interested in getting your quotes for the different room categories. I am getting married there in April 09 and haven't booked yet. Also, when you go down to visit, I would be interested in what different wedding ceremony venues they may have (gazebos, beach, etc.) You can pm or email at brooklyndream17@yahoo.com Thanks so much!
  3. Are most of you ladies going with the honeymoon suite? Any word on actual ceremony locations? I wonder if there will be any gazebos.
  4. Lilpaisley, Can I get hotfix and just use the cement glue? Or does it have to be used with an hotfix iron?
  5. Did you just hot glue them? Where did you get your rhinestones? Michael's didn't have a large variety of flatback ones. Or do you think I can use non-flatback ones? Thanks!
  6. Did anyone else notice they raised the prices of the wedding packages? I could have sworn they had a price listed for 2008 and 2009 that was a little less than what's on the website now.
  7. Hey Manders, Can you send me your photos? brooklyndream17@yahoo.com Thanks!
  8. Hey Ladies, I just got back from Toronto tonight so I am catching up on the convo! I asked Fabio specifically about the photographer and the fees. Here is his reply: "1) Can we choose to do a 3 night stay for an approved photographer instead of the $500 fee? Correct." (sorry, didn't know how to highlight, etc.)
  9. Mine is at 4pm but I was thinking maybe I should have done 5 since the policies say private dinners can't start till like 6pm (another interesting rule). How long do you think the ceremony is? Maybe 15-20 minutes? Then people would be sitting around for a bit before dinner starts (if we decide on a private reception)
  10. Thanks! I am so excited but so nervous!! I'll be sure to share anything with you guys as I get it. What time is everyone getting married?
  11. Hey Everyone, I just got my confirmation for my date but did anyone else think the Lomas and Karisma Policiies were a bit strict (like no wedding cake leaving the area, etc.)? I was already aware of the photography thing but some other stuff was interesting.
  12. They have an Italian restaurant there that had a nice atmosphere...
  13. Just wanted to see what others are paying per night, per person for their AI resort in Riviera Maya area.....
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