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My sister has decided to do a pre-wedding newsletter letting guests know pertinent information about the wedding...and to get people excited about the trip!


Being the wacky member of the family I suggested we go to our favourite local Mexican restaurant and take a picture of her and her man wearing sombrero's and with all of the pinatas in the background. And her being slightly less wacky than me but willing said oh my gosh yes we must do that! So it will be on the front page of the newsletter.


She would like to be holding some sort of sign with a witty saying or slogan on it...kind of like a "mexico or bust" kind of thing but actually funny :-P i am fresh out of ideas right now.


Does anyone have any funny or witty ideas?


And no the fiance has no clue we are going to do this....we will get him drinking some margaritas and I think he'll agree to it! :-P

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