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Converting old pics to digital?


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Converting old pics to digital? Has anyone done this?


My family has tons of pictures and since my parents divorced my dad has almost no pics of us when we were young except a few that we gave him.


We would all like to have a copy of the pictures from my mom and I saw this in a catalog The Photograph To Digital Picture Converter. at Hammacher Schlemmer and wondered if anyone has one or something like it?


Thanks :)

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I wanted to make my uncle a book of his son that is in the army, so he gave me all the prints he had and I went to walmart and scanned them in. It saved them in high resolution so I could have enlarged it a little. It probably would have still been a bit blurry, but some photos were over 20 years old!


That machine looks convenient, but you really just need a scanner and some time! If you have any negatives, they do make scanners or machines that scan those in and make digital copies.

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