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  1. Thanks ladies! I am super excited to be a part of your big day. Weddings are so much fun.
  2. What won our hearts was the story of the proposal and the way it was told was unique which I will share. Our Proposal Elizabeth: Jason proposed to me on my 28th birthday. Jason: I was afraid if I planned something "out of the ordinary" she might be suspicious, so I chose her birthday. Elizabeth: I took a half day of work to spend with Jason. He took me to my favorite lunch spot, The Med. Jason: I gave Bit a couple options of things she might enjoy doing on her birthday. They consisted of: A butterfly pavilion, a Denver Museum, or a nearby Orchid Garden. I knew full well which one she would choose; she loves orchids. Elizabeth: I didn't even have to think twice, I chose the orchids. Jason agreed to take me there after lunch and opening gifts at home. Jason: I was surprisingly calm until we pulled into our apartment complex, but she didn't seem to notice anything. Elizabeth: Upon walking into the apartment as Jason said it best, he "brought the orchid garden to me". There were orchids decorating the entire room. Jason: I wished her a happy birthday and waited.......... finally I said, "which do you like best?" Elizabeth: I took a closer look to examine which I liked best and there I found a ring dangling from the stem of the only orchid that had grown a "pair" of flowers. Jason: Her reaction is best described as shock. Elizabeth: I turned to him, as he knelt down on one knee. Jason: I had a proposal speech prepared, but Bit immediately started to cry, so I don't think it came out as planned. Elizabeth: Through my tears, I said "I have no idea what you just said, but yes!"
  3. Winner....Drum roll........Elizabeth and Jason Congrats! All e-mails have been sent out to others that sent in their entry.
  4. Only 2 more hours if you want to get your entry in! This is tough........ I love every entry I have received so far. Way to ROCK it ladies! E-mail updates coming soon to those that entered...Stay tuned
  5. Last day to get your entry in!!! Make sure to submit an entry today.
  6. This time next week a winner will have been announced. We have 5 entries so far so the chance of winning are very high. 6 days left so hurry.... Plus we will be offering a GREAT deal to those who enter and don't win. It will be something that you don't want to miss. Especially in this economy. Believe me!
  7. Time is running out! Only 9 days left. It is exciting. We are excited to be so lucky to have the chance to offer this to an awesome couple. Destination weddings rock because we get so close to our couples and I just love weddings. Everything weddings. One of the cool thins we offer is a slideshow, it isn't just any slideshow because it has short video clips. I have put a example on our blog in case anyone is interested. I think it is pretty darn cool. Sweet Memories Photography Also, I wanted to remind everyone that if you send me an e-mail with an entry, make sure to post on this thread that you have sent the e-mail. That way no one slips through and ends up in my junk mail. Keep the entries coming ladies. We will be offering a great deal to those that submit their entry and do not win. So it is worth it even for that. Enjoy your weekend. This is the first time we have seen sun here in Dallas in like 2 weeks. State Fair of Texas, here I come!
  8. I have had a few e-mails from brides. Only 2 weeks till I announce a winner so submit your entries because you have a high chance of winning right now.
  9. FREE wedding photography for a unique couple The Goods: Wedding coverage on their wedding day 2 Photographers Disc of images with print release Online gallery for family and friends Slideshow Day after/before session What we need to know: Your Names Where you live Where the wedding will be located Wedding Date Photos Tell us what makes you UNIQUE or your wedding unique Entry: Submit entry via e-mail to: sherese@sweetmemoriesphotography.net Submit by October 25th, 2009 Winner picked and notified October 27th, 2009 Post in the thread that you sent an e-mail so that I don’t miss anyone The fine print: We must not already have your wedding date booked You must pay travel costs associated (such as airfare, hotel, transportation, etc…) $400 good faith deposit that we will return once we arrive at the destination Since I am asking for you to tell me a little about you, here is a little about us. My name is Sherese and I am the owner. My husband who shoots weddings is Michael. We have a few other assistants because some weekends we are really booked up and both of us are doing weddings. We are based in the Dallas area. We did 2 destination weddings this year (Mexico and Bahamas) and looking to build our portfolio with more destinations. This year we did about 50 weddings so we were pretty busy but of course we want to step it up next year. We got married in 2007 and something unique about our wedding is that I wore a red dress on our wedding day. Since that time the theme of our website has been black and red. Since I am sure you want to know what we look like so here is a link to a blog of some self portraits taken a few weeks ago. Sweet Memories (Sherese & Mike) | Sweet Memories Photography Alright everyone, GOODLUCK and get your submissions rolling! Sweet Memories Photography - DFW Wedding Photographers
  10. resehop

    Anyone taken a photographer on cruise?

    I am a photographer and I have taken my equipment on cruises many times. That is weird that they would say that. We have never had an issue.
  11. resehop

    May2010 I hope!

    Congrats and goodluck on planning!
  12. How fun! I love cute shoes with a wedding dress!
  13. resehop

    Newbie with NO clue where to start!

    Goodluck on planning. This forum offers great advice and I know you will find help on here!
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    Hello from a newbie getting married at Dreams Tulum

    Welcome! Good luck on planning!
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    Hi everyone!

    Hello and good luck on your planning!!