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Brides of Palace Resorts Or Any All-Inclusive Mexico Resort

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We are getting married in May 2010, but the resort is yet to be decided. We are looking into a few different all-inclusives in Mexico, and are leaning toward one of the Palace resorts. Our style is contemporary, minimalist, modern. We should have around 50-75 guests. I am completely in the dark here, so any info would be much appreciated!!!


If anyone can give what the cost of their wedding will be/was with the # of guests, that would be extremely helpful as well!!


We thought we could do adults only, but now that is no longer an option.


If you have heard of any other resorts outside of Mexico that are really nice, I'm all ears.



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I don't think there is any resort that can be considered the "best." There is rarely a bride that has things that didnt go well and I dont think I can thing of anyone that just hated everything. Choosing a resort is a very personal thing and you are the only one that can make that choice. What one person thinks may not even matter to you. The costs of weddings can vary just as much. There are obviously resorts that are more costly than others. There is a budget thread you can look at to get an idea about costs. I would suggest you look around and read as much as you can. All the information you will need is here. You just need to find it.


Dreams are one of the most popular, but there are so many choices out there.


Narrow down a location and go from there. If you try to look at everything, you will just get overwhelmed.

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