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How much fun can you have on a trampoline?


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I have had so much fun this afternoon,we bought a trampoline for Pauls daughter for her birthday and we had a bbq in the rain.Luckily it stopped in time for us to have a whole lot of fun.How long do i need to bounce for to loose weight.I have had a house full ranging from 4yrs to 66yrs and after a few bottles of rose im not sure who was the best behaved.Tomorrow we fly to ireland to see my mum and dad,My mum has been sick i flew out to see her after she was admitted to hospital 4 weeks ago.She has a heart condition that she had as a child that is now giving her problems.She has one more procedure to do before they decide on open heart surgery.She is very frightened and so am i.On a more up beat note our wedding plans are ever changing.We had spoke with friends a few weeks ago about getting married here.It was something i hadnt really wanted to do but from a financial side i thought it might be an option as we had told my boys we wouldnt be able to take them all purly for financial reasons.when i mentioned that we were looking at getting married in our local town registry office his reply was no your not mum get married somewhere nice.He then mentioned it to my eldest son who added huh very exciting not.SO I CAN STILL DO THE DW AND NOT FEEL GUILTY.Its hard trying to please everyone.We are now debating on doing the dominican republic or mexico.

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