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Best Deal On the Water!

TA Dina

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Hurry, don't miss out on NCL's "You Cruise, We'll Drive" Sales Event!


You’d better step on it to take advantage of this great offer before it passes you by.


Book before August 17 and you will get:

• Great pricing on itineraries fleetwide* sailing October 1, 2008 to April 30, 2010

• Up to $400 on-board credit per stateroom

• Up to a 3-category upgrade (but book early to get the best stateroom)


Freestyle Cruising is now even better with an array of innovations including:

• Totally new mouthwatering cuisine creations including lobster dishes

every night

• A complimentary glass of bubbly upon boarding

• Upgraded linens, pillows and luxury bath amenities in every stateroom

• Extended Kid’s Crew hours

• Exciting new, ultra-hip entertainment options like Wii on a two-story screen


PM me today to start planning your wedding, anniversary or romantic getaway cruise!!

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Hi TA Dina,


we are going on a 7 days cruise and will have our wedding ceremony in the Bahamas in 2 months. So far, we've booked 50 people (23 cabins) on NCL through a TA. I was told that for every 8 or 10 people we booked we get 1 free person ( they refer to this as a Tour Conductor credit, which gives us a a credit of $534) I'm having a tough time working with my TA so I called NCL directly and was told that we are getting 3 TC credit on our group. I mentioned this to my TA bec. she only gave me 1 TC credit towards our suite and she told me that she supposed to keep the remaining 2 TC credit for herself as part of her commission. How true is this? Is this correct? Is it really up to her to decide whether she wants to apply/share this TC credit to our group or not? How is the point system works. Right now, the only ammenities we are getting is a free cocktail for the group and a $25 on board credit (that she said is coming out of her commission) which I have to fight for. Please explain this to me. I really need a clarification on this and further information. I appreciate whatever helpful tips and advice you can give me. NCL doesn't want to give me anymore details, they referring me to my TA for details now.


Thanks so much,


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Unfortunately, it is up to the TA to do what he/she pleases with the TC (tour conductor). But usually it's spelled out in some sort of contract ahead of time so the guest is aware of it. The cruise line pays them out to the TA and then they can do with them what they will. In this day and age most passengers know about them, so they ask up front. But if they don't ask, not all TA's will disclose it.


However, sometimes it is in the TA's best interest to share the TC too. For example I've got a few groups where I told the group leader I will give them up to 2 TC and I keep the rest. But that's because I'm putting out a lot of money up front to assist them with advertising etc for the cruise. And I'm opening it up to my own clientele too so not all of the passengers are their own personal friends/family. So technically they didn't "earn" the extra TC with their own group members anyway. Or I may tell a group we'll go back and forth (one for you, one for me), again, depending upon what I'm putting out up front.


But for a simple wedding cruise, I've always just given them all back to my brides. You've earned them, you can have them. And if for some reason I wasn't going to to that, they'd know about it up front.


Go back and try to negotiate with the TA. She doesn't HAVE to keep them all. She is choosing to keep them all.


As for the OBC, yes, most times that is out of the TA's pocket. But not all the time. I don't know if she's fibbing on that one or not.

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Thanks for the info, both of you! I've booked with Carnival, for Feb. 2010 and I haven't gotten ANYTHING extra. I'm definately going to be talking to my TA about this (onboard credits, TC, etc.) Not to sound bridezilla-ish, but if I'm rounding up business, and the fact that it's my wedding I want some extras!

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