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    Best Deal On the Water!

    Hi TA Dina, we are going on a 7 days cruise and will have our wedding ceremony in the Bahamas in 2 months. So far, we've booked 50 people (23 cabins) on NCL through a TA. I was told that for every 8 or 10 people we booked we get 1 free person ( they refer to this as a Tour Conductor credit, which gives us a a credit of $534) I'm having a tough time working with my TA so I called NCL directly and was told that we are getting 3 TC credit on our group. I mentioned this to my TA bec. she only gave me 1 TC credit towards our suite and she told me that she supposed to keep the remaining 2 TC credit for herself as part of her commission. How true is this? Is this correct? Is it really up to her to decide whether she wants to apply/share this TC credit to our group or not? How is the point system works. Right now, the only ammenities we are getting is a free cocktail for the group and a $25 on board credit (that she said is coming out of her commission) which I have to fight for. Please explain this to me. I really need a clarification on this and further information. I appreciate whatever helpful tips and advice you can give me. NCL doesn't want to give me anymore details, they referring me to my TA for details now. Thanks so much, Suze
  2. SUZE143

    permit issues in the bahamas

    Thanks so much for the information and advice. I appreciate you assistance!
  3. Hello to all Bahamas Bride, We'll be going on a cruise to Bahamas in two months and will have the wedding ceremony at Compass point Beach Resort. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a very good professional bridal hair & mark-up artist. I'm still undecided if my bridesmaid and I will just do our hair and make-up in one of the salon in the ship or rather make an appointment in one of the salon in Nassau or hire a professional to come and do it for us since I'll be renting out a change room at Compass Point for the day. Your advise and opinions are greatly appreciated. Good Luck to All, Suze143
  4. SUZE143

    Compass Point Beach Resort

    This is really a wonderful location!!! My fiancée & I are planning a Bahamas cruise wedding for 2009 and we are looking for a beautiful location in Bahamas, and I am so glad I found this link. I would really appreciate if you can share me some of your ideas. Thanks so much!!! Susan
  5. congratulations!!! awesome website! you gave me some great ideas on STD and song selections. Thanks!! -susan
  6. SUZE143

    big help on cruise wedding!

    Hello to all! My fiancée & I are planning to have a cruise wedding in May 2009 and prefer to have onshore wedding ceremony, but the problem is we still haven't decide which cruise line & best location to do this. We are thinking Eastern Caribbean or Bermuda as our top choices. Can anyone suggest a romantic location and yet affordable? Also, we are looking to have at least 80 guests. Is it cost effective to hold the reception onboard or on land? If anyone has had a cruise wedding or experience involving one. I would greatly appreciate your advice and good tips. Thanks fr. the bottom of my heart! -Susan fr. NY