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~*Good Luck to all the 8/8 and 8/9 brides next weekend!*~

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HI everyone! I just wanted to post this now because I know weekends are busy and I bet some of the 8/8/08 and 8/9/08 brides will be leaving soon! I didnt want to not send best wishes before anyone leaves!!!!


I wish everyone the best wedding/weather/fun/excitement/ and all the best for your weddings! I know from seeing everyone's planning pics that your day will be stunning and the best memory for your whole life! All the hard work is sure to pay off and will blow your guests away!! I know maura and becks are on the 9th....and a few of us on the 8th so I cant wait to see the pics and hear the stories when we all get back!!



ENJOY!!! Be safe!! Have FUN!!! Love LOTS!!smile123.gif



Congrats everyone who I didnt mention!!! I wish everyone all the best!

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