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Has anyone had this argument????....

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#1 jennyFTB

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    Posted 01 August 2008 - 12:11 AM

    This seems extremely petty, but I have had about 15 arguements over the same issue with my FI....Latest one being today...The bridesmaids are wearing these beautiful green full length dresses with an ivory sash(they picked it out), and the groomsmen are wearing khaki's with a white shirt tucked in and brown shoes. I really think that the guys should wear green ties to make everything match and look amazing....My Fi has already tried the outfit on with a tie and agrees it looks much better but is arguing that wearing a tie doesn't have a "down south feel".....and that it isn't what he pictured. I think that this is a wedding and if my dress and the bridemaid dresses are fancy than the guys should dress it up a notch and everything should tie in together......it is a wedding....!!!!!! I even said that they could take it off after the pics.....I feel like I am going captain insano about this....Do I have a dose of bridezilla?? I dont think its asking too much for pictures that we are going to have forever..............................YIKES!!!!!!! Below is the pic of my dress.................

    #2 Yari

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      Posted 01 August 2008 - 12:22 AM

      Well it depends. Would it look okay w/o the ties? If so, then let him win this battle. My FI had something in his mind for the GM's and I finally gave in cause he was so adamant about it. I thought it was cute he really cared so much about an element regarding the wedding.

      #3 jennyFTB

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        Posted 01 August 2008 - 12:27 AM

        I think its very sweet that he is taking an interest in things too.....Maybe I'm holding on too tight to this issue....it think if he just wore the tie it wouldn't be as big of an issue, instead of all the guys....I will have to ask him what he thinks about that idea and then we will have to let it go....

        #4 jennyFTB

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          Posted 01 August 2008 - 12:28 AM

          it looks alright without the tie.....

          #5 amyh


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            Posted 01 August 2008 - 12:31 AM

            Our GM had a full suit with ties. We let them know that they could change into a white guayavera and sandals for the reception and it worked out perfectly. Try asking your FI if you can compromise.

            #6 Pisces

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              Posted 01 August 2008 - 12:34 AM

              I kind of think you should let this one go. Think about this- how would you like it if he was telling your girls what they had to wear? It's not like he wants them to clash, he just doesn't want to wear a tie. My FI is not wearing a tie and I have no issues being more dressed up than him:p
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              #7 Cattie

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                Posted 01 August 2008 - 04:19 AM

                I echo what the other girls said. I personally am not making the FH wear a tie. I want everyone to look at me for the day anyway I would say ask if just him wearing a tie would work. If not, there's gonna be way more fights over more important things, so just let him be. Its not worth the added stress. I lost the fight on my cupcake tower for my AHR, it made me sad but my energy is more useful when we fought over having the AHR 35 mins away instead of 2 hours like his mother wanted it!!!!

                #8 starchild



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                  Posted 01 August 2008 - 07:25 AM

                  Although the ties will probably look great and complete your vision, I agree to let FI win this one if he is truly opposed to it. If he didn't care either way then I would say go with the ties you want, but brides control so much of the wedding so if he wants this let him have it. It won't matter in the end and it will spare you from a fight :)

                  #9 becks



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                    Posted 01 August 2008 - 07:59 AM

                    I have to concur with the others. If he feels this strongly, let him win this battle. It's not worth the stress and strain.

                    No, your vision won't be just as you thought, but I think it's worth it to let your FI feel like he's part of these decisions.

                    Funny thing is, I kept telling my FI that he didn't need to wear a tie. And he insisted! Whodathunk?!

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                    #10 RaydensMama

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                      Posted 01 August 2008 - 09:35 AM

                      I have to agree with what the others are saying. If hes really dead set against the tie then dont force it. It is his day too and I think too many woman forget that. And if it looks good without it then I think you should just leave it be.

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