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Originally Posted by Infinity22 View Post
welcome3.gif to the community!

Glad you could make it!!! This is a great forum, it's been a life saver for me!
Can I ask why you're considering Oahu? Is Maui or Kauai an option?
thanks for the welcome! =)

fiance and i have never been to hawaii. we are actually trying to plan a trip out there soon so we can decide between hawaii or vegas. but i've heard great things about maui and kauai.

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My fi and I were actually between Vegas & Oahu as well! I think he was about 60% Vegas & about 40% Hawaii, but obviously Hawaii won out. I guess my only hesitation for Vegas was his love of gambling...he isn't one of those crazy gamblers, but I was afraid that more attention would be paid to the fun antics of Vegas than our wedding. Vegas is a blast though and I have seen some very beautiful weddings there! Plus, you don't have to worry about a very long flight...

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