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Newbie who needs advice!!!

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First welcome this forum it is great...second it is a shame how much airfare in the past few months has sky rocketed (no pun intended).And now you even have to pay for your luggage to fly on most airlines. We had a hard time figuring out our date for that 1 reason Jan, Feb, March and April way expensive due to school breaks and flying from cold areas to hot ones increases the price no matter what. I chose May because airfare was 1/2 the price then the other months and it is not (the dreaded word for a DW) Hurricane season yet. I also chose a non holiday weekend (in fact it is the weekend after memorial day) I rather guest use an extra vaca day from work then pay extra $$$. Research when high season is for your island and check weather (National and Local Weather Forecast, Radar, Map and Report) to check for the rainy season and then figure out your date. I have also been in contact with airlines trying to get group rates...or if you are working with a TA they can do that for you.

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