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Dreams Cabo Review - July 12th

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LOCATION: Dreams, Cabo on the beach. An incredible place!


DATE: Saturday, July 12th


TIME: Sunset (Ceremony started at 7:00) Perfect time.


GUESTS: 20 total.


DRESS: Casual and everyone was barefoot.


WEDDING PARTY: Just the two of us and the ring bearer.




MINISTER: John Fagan. Perfect. Nice words and a surprise sand ceremony.


PHOTOGRAPHER: Peter Hatton. Wonderful man! Cross between Sean Connery and Michael Caine. We absolutely loved him!


VIDEOGRAPHER: Came with Peter. Juan??


CEREMONY MUSIC: Hired by Marianna...Guitar and Violin. So Perfect.


FLOWERS: Provided by Mariana. Beautiful spring mix bouquet. Rose petals on the walk.


RECEPTION: Oceana Terrace, next to the quiet pool. Beautiful. Appetizers and dinner was wonderful. Serving staff was incredible. No one ever had an empty glass! The only thing extra I paid for was the hanging round luminaries. The table setting was gorgeous, but I supplied none of it.


ENTERTAINMENT: Fire Dancers. Big hit with our guests!!


CAKE: Provided by Mariana. Served individually, not whole.


RECEPTION MUSIC: My ipod...Rented Dreams speakers. Perfect.


ROOMS: We had a honeymoon suite on the 6th floor and it was absolutely beautiful, with great views off the two balconies. Two refrig's were kept stocked with water and sodas every day. Some suites have 2 bathrooms!


WEATHER: Prediction was "scattered thunderstorms all weekend" but we never had any. It was absolutely beautiful all weekend. Occasional tiny drizzles felt great in the 90+ degree sun.


TRANSPORTATION: We just grabbed cabs or vans when we needed them, even at the airport. They're everywhere and easy to get.


GUEST GIFTS: I didn't do OOT bags. Too much to think about (and pack). I figured everyone brought their own travel stuff anyway. Instead, we bought all the women (9) gift certificates to the spa, which gave the men a chance to do their own "guy" thing. Everyone was happy!


DREAMS SPA: All of the women (and one of the men) in our group had at least one spa treatment, and everyone was happy. It's very nice.


TOWN: If you go into Cabo San Lucas, be sure to eat at Mi Casa. Incredible place. For lunch and drinks in town, The Office is great; HOWEVER, one person in our group got food poisoning there. He had the beef nachos. Everyone else had fish tacos and no one got sick.



The walk down the wooden path is longer than I had thought, which was great. When I got to the spot, I noticed that all my guests were waiting in their seats with glasses of champagne. Mariana and a few servers had several bottles chilled in buckets right there on the beach! I absolutely LOVED that! Everyone was so relaxed and smiling.


When he said "kiss the bride", my husband dipped me! Everyone loved it!


After dinner, cake and a few dances, my husband picked me up and jumped in the pool. When we came up laughing, the entire group went in, one or two at a time, with all their clothes on! It was so awesome and so refreshing. (the pools are warm). I recommend it highly! Later we all gathered in the bar in our bathrobes and wet hair for a nightcap! We got a lot of stares until everyone heard what had happened! Then there were cheers and high 5's all around!


When we got to our room that night, there were lit candles all over the floor, soft music playing, rose petals and a beautiful swan made of towels on the bed, and a chilled bottle of champagne. Nice!


The biggest surprise of all was how relaxed I was, and how I was able to "be present" all night. Every single thing was better than I imagined, and I took it all in. Marianna was just the best, and I had never even spoken to her except thru emails!! Or the minister or photographer for that matter!


Our whole group was swimming (and doing belly shots on the swim-up bar) all day until 5:00 when it was time to start getting dressed for the wedding! No stressing. Mariana just took control of all the details!


I just can't think of anything I would change. I hope all of you have as wonderful a time as we did. Just relax and BE there.


I'm trying to post a couple of pics for now, but I its not working! Help?

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nope it doesn't work sad.gif it says I need to sign up

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oh you can try to upload them to photobucket, then copy and paste the image link associated with the pic in a post

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