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Finally booked my photographer for RIU!!!

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Good idea on using a Florida based photographer to keep the travel costs down. Flights out of most major cities in Florida to Caribbean locations can help keep your costs down.


As a side note, Miami has a lot of really great photographers. Some of them are super-duper expensive, and others in the mid range. For any other brides looking into Caribbean destination photographers, I'd also recommend checking out pros in the Orlando, Tampa/St. Pete and Ft. Lauderdale markets to get an even better range of quotes and options. (All have major airports and should be in a comparable range for travel.)


Not a push or marketing attempt here! Promise! I just know the Florida market pretty well as I am based here and shoot all over the state. I think good research is definitely worth it for any couple to get the best deal. After all, weddings sure are expensive no matter which way you slice it. :)

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Originally Posted by msasfraz View Post
I booked Frank Panaro photography out of Miami, Florida. He is awesome!!! He provides a laundry list of references [previous Brides & Hubbies] .. One note for future brides looking for photographers.... you may want to think about getting someone out of Florida for Jamaica due to cheaper travel expenses you as the bride have to incur. Miami is less than 90 miles from Jamaica.

Here is his link... http://www.frankpanarophotography.com/smile72.gif
Congrats on booking your photographer. I am flying my photographers in from Miami too wink.gif

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