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    Yesterday's Wedding Weather....

    Thank you for your very sweet compliments. It's always nice to hear when someone else likes your work! You can get that little burst of light in between two people's lips by getting them to stand still just long enough to position yourself (and your camera) to catch it. A little bit of subtle fill flash helps illuminate their features so they don't just become silhouetted against the sunset (unless that's the effect you're going for!) If you're talking about getting a nice lens flare for effect, you can get it by pointing your lens at just the right angle in the sun's direction. When that non image forming light comes in and hit's the camera's sensor, lens flare is what you get! Hope I answered that okay. I can ramble on sometimes, without making any real sense at all. LOL Keep up with the photography! It's one of the most interesting and beautiful art forms out there. (Not that I'm biased or anything.)
  2. J.Monet

    Clearwater Beach, Florida

    Good choice! We have a lot of really beautiful beaches here in our area, and the Hilton Beach Resort is going to be gorgeous. I have worked with some really great vendors in the area and know a fantastic make-up artist. She also does hair, but I know that she did make-up on the sets of HSN for many, many years. She specializes in make-up that can withstand the beach heat, sweat, tears, etc., but that also looks especially great on camera. Her name is Donna Camposecco, and I believe her email address is camposecco@gmail.com. If you want her cell number, PM me and I can give you that as well. For flowers, I know that Redman Steele is fabulous. Cakes ... I've heard really great things about A Better Cheesecake - .:: A Better Cheesecake ::. Best of luck in your planning and CONGRATS!
  3. J.Monet

    Do Not Use americanwedding.com

    If it were me, I would ABSOLUTELY report them to the Better Business Bureau. A case will be filed and a BBB agent will stay on top of them until a satisfactory resolution has been reached. Additionally, you can assure that your "actual" review is on file with the BBB, and the jerks won't be able to change it! Shady, shady, shady if you ask me....
  4. Shot a destination wedding for a very sweet couple all the way from Wisconsin yesterday. They had it around sunset at the Doubletree Beach Resort in North Redington Beach. The forecast and satellite imagery was predicting heavy rain from about 6:30pm until almost 9:00pm, and I was so worried for them! I arrived almost an hour earlier than requested, just in case they ended up needing to start the ceremony earlier, but everything panned out so amazingly! The weather stayed clear - for some miraculous reason - and the sunset ceremony was gorgeous! The weather truly was amazing after all was said and done! I'll have to post some of the pictures on my blog and share them with any of the destination brides looking for locations in Florida. I hope any/all of the other August 16th Florida weddings here went well!
  5. You're VERY modest about how beautiful you looked ... I think you, AND your dress, AND your veil were amazing! (All together, not just the dress and the veil.) Great sneak peaks at your photos to come. Looks like Nathaniel did a fantastic job! (Be sure to give yourself more credit for what a beautiful bride you were!)
  6. Morgan Lynn is an UBER-AMAZING Photographer! Your images are going to be absolutely stunning! :) quick correction on my URL, if I may: It's www.jmonetstudios.com (think it was accidentally mistyped as www.jmonetstudiuos ... with an extra "u" in there.) EDITED BY AnnR: I have fixed the URL in the original post. Congrats on getting your photog booked Erica and thanks a bunch for considerately including me in your list! Very sweet of you!
  7. J.Monet

    any ideas on where to have my wedding?:)

    I'm heading to shoot a destination wedding at the Doubletree beach resort today in North Redington Beach. That's here in the Pinellas / West Coast (of Florida) area. They're coming down from Wisconsin to get married on the beach! I'll let you know how it turns out and see if I hear anything about pricing. I try to get to know the resort coordinators and other vendors any time I go to shoot any event ... Can't hurt just to have some extra info on hand. Hope you're able to find a spot that you love soon!
  8. J.Monet

    any suggestions?

    Crystal.. I'm here in Florida, and another gorgeous beach location I'd recommend is the Marriott Beach Resort on Marco Island. It's the preferred vacation destination of the owner of the Marriott Corporation. Absolutely gorgeous! Just an idea I thought I'd share. Also, I am headed to shoot a destination wedding at the Doubletree Beach Resort in North Redington Beach today (which is here is the St.Petersburg / Pinellas region of Florida. I'll let you know how that goes and what it looks like when I get back! I suppose that will only help, though, if haven't settled on a place already! LOL
  9. I was born and raised in New Mexico, and think one of absolute COOLEST destination spots for a wedding would be at White Sands National Monument. There are acres and acres of snow white sand dunes and sharp blue skies. It's absolutely spectacular and breathtaking if you've never seen it in person. As a photographer, I know the creative photographic opportunities would be ENDLESS! They allow weddings with a special use permit. The application can be downloaded online and only takes about five days to process. You may be thinking more along the lines of another country, but this would be incredibly unique and probably even pretty affordable by comparison (bonus!) Had to share the idea! White Sands National Monument - Permits for Special Park Uses (U.S. National Park Service) Here are a few images galleries I spotted online: (Some of them are so-so, but just to give you an idea) White Sands, New Mexico Photo Gallery by Fred Parsons at pbase.com Photo Gallery: Hot Air Balloons Over White Sands New Mexico Pictures - USA stock photos, fine art prints by QTL And this one has a TON: Pictures, stock photography, prints, White Sands National Monument, New Mexico, Nature, Scenics, Travel: Images by PHOTOVAULT® Southwest USA, Images, Photos, photographs OH! And another idea, just because I know they're huge there (and they specifically host a festival) ... maybe you could rent a hot air balloon and take your bride up for a post-ceremonial sunset cruise. That would be insanely cool! Okay ... done with my rant now!
  10. The best thing to do, in my humble opinion, is to find a photographer or examples of a photographer's work that you absolutely LOVE. Then, based on what you want achieved, research both local photographers (in/around your destination city) as well as destination pros from around the U.S., etc. Gather up all of your pricing information (photographers will usually email you a general estimate or quote based on your needs). Then, it's also always a good idea to get references. Narrow down your list to a point, then talk to photographers, at least, by phone to feel out their personality to see how well it will mesh with your own and what you're looking for in terms of style and imagery. Very important to have a good vibe with your photographer! Weigh out all your pros and cons, pricing information and additional details. You may find, in the end, that not all destination photographers are out-of-this-world expensive ... even if they aren't based in your destination location area. Hope some of that helps! Best of luck in your search!
  11. As I have been shopping around for my studio/photography insurance policy this week (time to renew), I came across a company that provides this coverage for wedding couples, parents of the couples, etc. It is private event insurance that apparently covers you in the case of an unforeseen circumstances, etc. I didn't read into all the way, or see what all the exact stipulations are, but it caught my attention and I thought it might be a cool things to share. Destination brides / grooms, especially, may encounter more unforeseen events than others. (No ... I am by NO means affiliated with this company in any way shape or form, honestly.) I just thought it was worth sharing the information! I've known couples and had friends that had to postpone or cancel weddings unexpectedly and lost A LOT of money in the process. Anyway... here's the site I found if anyone wants to peek at it: RV Nuccio & Associates | Wedding Insurance
  12. Good idea on using a Florida based photographer to keep the travel costs down. Flights out of most major cities in Florida to Caribbean locations can help keep your costs down. As a side note, Miami has a lot of really great photographers. Some of them are super-duper expensive, and others in the mid range. For any other brides looking into Caribbean destination photographers, I'd also recommend checking out pros in the Orlando, Tampa/St. Pete and Ft. Lauderdale markets to get an even better range of quotes and options. (All have major airports and should be in a comparable range for travel.) Not a push or marketing attempt here! Promise! I just know the Florida market pretty well as I am based here and shoot all over the state. I think good research is definitely worth it for any couple to get the best deal. After all, weddings sure are expensive no matter which way you slice it.
  13. AWESOME Giveaway! Congrats to a VERY lucky couple for winning a package with such an amazing photographer! I'm sure you'll be super-stoked when you see the images from your wedding day! I'm a Noob here, but can't wait to pay my dues and participate in something like this. I think it's an awesome thing to do for destination brides (and grooms) ... especially with all the expense that already goes into planning a wedding! Love your work, by the way, Rafael!
  14. J.Monet

    Newbie Hello - June 2009, Punta Cana DR

    Welcome!! I'm a Newbie here too, but think this is a great board. DR is beautiful ... I have a sister-in-law from there. I'm sure it'll be AMAZING! Best of luck with your planning.
  15. J.Monet

    Really Happy to Be Here!

    Thank you everyone, for all the wonderful compliments and welcome messages! I'm glad that I found this cool little spot. Spent quite a while today just reading through people's posts and information. Kudos to the mods and whoever came up with the idea for this board!