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Am I insane? I'm going on accutane!

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#21 LisaG

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    Posted 27 June 2008 - 03:17 PM

    Originally Posted by lambert13
    That is a possible side effect, though not a common one.

    There were a few lawsuits against the maker of accutane from families of teenagers who committed suicide while on the drug. It is definitely something to watch out for and the prescribing doctor should monitor the patient closely to determine any occurrence of that.
    Do you remember the teenage boy several years ago that flew a stolen plan into a building in Tampa and they blammed it on the accutane.

    #22 Kryztan

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      Posted 27 June 2008 - 03:34 PM

      I BET YOUR DOCTOR WILL MAKE YOU COME IN TO GET BLOOD TESTS, PREGO TESTS, AND THE "TALK" BEFORE YOU GET ON IT! The Gov. controls it and quite frankly you have to get the tests done before going on it. It is a great drug and does work....but if you happened to get prego, it is extremely DANGEROUS! LOOK AT THE PICTURES

      #23 MrsFisher2B

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        Posted 29 June 2008 - 03:41 PM

        Hello everyone. Well, I am on day 3 of accutane. I did NOT have to get any blood or pregnancy tests before I got my prescription. I am going to the dr next month to get him to check everything out though. I have had my IUD in for 2 years now and am also on the pill (Diane-35 -- an acne medication) so that's my 2 forms of contraceptive. So far no side effects, but it is only day 3. Like I said, my acne is not bad, but I want to get to the point where I do not have to wear cover up (to cover those ugly red spots!). Because I have been looking into accutane for 7 years now, I think the waiting is over so I'm glad I started it this far before my wedding. I will keep you posted on my progress. I know the side effects can be terrible. I am going to be taking fish oil (for joints and hair), vitamin c (immunity), and there's another supplement I'm going to take that is recommended for mental clarity (to combat any concentration issues I may get). So, we'll see how it goes! I guess the initial breakout should arrive around week 1-2 so hopefully it's not too bad :)

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