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Sophia's Mom

Hi Everyone

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The problems that I am having all go back to a lack of communication. I am getting married in 38 days and I am the one who had to contact Daniella to find out what I am suppose to be doing.

We are having a VERY small wedding. It started off only being about 10 people, but we have had a death in the family and now we are down to 6 people not including the bride and groom. I think that the RIU is upset that they have lost those bookings and rather than telling me I have to pay a day pass for the missing guests (a total of $300) they are now telling me that I have to pay $350 for the judge that I will not be using since it is only a religious ceremony.

They had me down as having a legal ceremony (which was NEVER our intentions) and now that they have finally contacted me about my ceremony they have found out that they made a mistake and had me listed as a legal. Now a judge who was scheduled to do the wedding has to be canceled and apparently this is all my fault.

I am frustrated with the entire process so far. The funny thing is that I am a completly laid back bride. I don't really care about all the "stuff" that comes along with planning a wedding (that is why I am do the whole destination thing). I don't really even care what my flowers or cake look like, just as long they are there. At this point I am at battle with the RIU and I am ready to cancle the "wedding" part of our stay at the RIU, and just plan it for some where else in Cabo. fencing.gif

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Hi S...


Congratulations on your wedding and welcome to the forum; You should check out the CABO sub forum but, just a little heads up, it's just an isolated event.. That continues to happen..

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