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Will you be my bridesmaid wording...

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I was looking around today for some wording to put into a card asking my best friends to be my bridesmaids. I couldn't find anything I liked so I set to work and came up with this. It is beach-bride appropriate so I thought I'd share :-) I hope someone finds it useful!


We have shared so much of life and you're so much more than just my friend.


You know what's in my heart, my soul- You know everywhere I've been.


Now my life's been blessed with love and I will vow to keep him close.


And tender moments are those times you share with the ones you love the most.


So it should come as no surprise, a certain wedding wish from this lucky bride...


Please shed a tear of joy with me and share one more tender moment by my side.


While we walk the sand and say our vows, sea beside us, God above,


Will you share it as my bridesmaid and help me start anew with my true love?

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I did something similar with just a light hearted poem on DIY cards....


Pack up your bags

Lets head to the beach

Have a drink and some sunscreen

Well within reach


The crystal blue waters

The warm Jamaican sun

A wedding in paradise

A week full of fun


In just eight short months

I'll be a "destination" bride.

Nothing would make me happier

Than to have you/my sisters by my side.

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