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    Sungold Photography- Associates??

    Paula with Sungold helped set us up with Misha Earle (from Negril) and we LOVED her. She had some really great ideas and made you feel really comfortable. I absolutely loved the results and had endless compliments from everyone who has seen them.
  2. I got all of my flowers from <company name removed>. I bought bulk stems and then put everything together at home. The pinkish flowers are peonies...
  3. After pictures our guest pretty much had the rest of the afternoon to do whatever. Most actually wend and hung out at the beach. I was a little concerned with a 1:00 wedding time initially, but this way people still got to have "vacation time". We met back for dinner at Mammee Bay at 6:30. We had so much fun. Our waiters were quite the entertainers! We hung out there for a while after dinner and then basically just enjoyed the rest of the night at the resort. There wasn't any formal reception other than dinner and I thought that it was a great time!
  4. Hello everyone! While I didn't post a whole lot of messages here during the planning stages of our wedding, I did take away a lot of ideas, tips, etc. from reading post written by all of you. THANK YOU! Our wedding was on 2.20.09 at ROR and I couldn't have asked for a better day. The weather was perfect and everything went off without a hitch. I would be more than happy to answer any questions that you future ROR brides might have, but the main purpose of this post is to show off some pics! We had Misha Earle with WPAJ come from Negril and shoot our wedding. I can't say enough...I am so happy with her work and she was great to work with. Misha made us both feel extremely comfortable and had lots of great ideas. All of our guests commented on how friendly she was! She arrived around noon for our 1:00 wedding. After the ceremony we did some group pics with everyone and the wedding party, followed by some of just Matt and me. We took a little break and met back together around sun down for some more pics before dinner. I couldn't have asked for better photos to help us remember our day. ENJOY! Pictures by mkritchie - Photobucket
  5. Oops...I forgot to ask...did you have to get a guest pass for Misha? When did you go about doing it if you did?
  6. YAY! I can't wait to see your pics! Our wedding is in 3 weeks and we are having Misha as well. CONGRATULATIONS!
  7. We have 40+ people coming to our wedding in Feb and I would like to set up an account somewhere where our guests can post/share their trip photos with everyone. Has anyone done this before? I'm looking for a site that is pretty user friendly and easy to access so that people will actually do it!
  8. This is also a great way to remember someone. My dad died of leukemia when I was younger...we're putting things on the tables that say "In lieu of favors, a donation has been made to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in memory of Kristen's dad"
  9. I got a short dress as well. I looked at a bunch of bridesmaids dresses until I found one that I thought had a little more "Bride" to it. Ignore the yellow in the pictures...mine is all white. Watters & Watters | Bridesmaid Gown Collection | Style 2486 | Leaver lace strapless crumb-catcher bodice with dupioni silk knee-length skirt and sash. Available in knee length, floor length or extra length.
  10. if you go to sungoldphoto.com and click on their blog, there is an AWESOME slideshow from here. Very picturesque! I think that I've watched the slideshow 10 times and I don't even know the people!
  11. Is there a charge to have champagne/rum punch after the ceremony?

    ROR Wedding

    WELCOME! I'm getting married at ROR on 2.20.09....we actually leave the resort on your wedding day! Good luck planning. We should keep in touch to keep each other on the ball!
  13. Hi all! I was just passing some time on esty.com and found these super cute substitutes for a ring bearer pillow. You can customize it with whatever words you want. I copied one of the examples and did "With this ring"....I figured that after the wedding I could use it as a place to set my jewelry when I'm not wearing it! For the ceremony I'll probably jut remove the twine that they have and replace it with something more toward my colors. They also have bigger plates...My old roommate is getting married and I'm having a line from their 1st dance song put on the plate and giving it as a wedding gift. Etsy :: palomasnest :: CUSTOM ring bowl with tiny text - ornament- wedding or commitment ceremony
  14. I love these! Where are you getting them?

    Randy Pausch

    I saw his lecture a while back on You Tube, then also watched the Primetime special. He has a book out, also called The Last Lecture where he kind of supplements the things he spoke about. I bought it probably 3 months ago and just started reading it this week. I literally just asked my FI last night if he had ever heard anything more about how he was doing. So sad, yet at the same time, so inspiring to everyone who came across his message.