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Let's talk music...

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Ok, ladies - I need some advice. I am not sure what to do about music! For the actual ceremony and then reception. I've read some great things about DJ's and Ipod's. When I ask friends/family they tell me that IPod would be a pain in the butt...what has worked best? And if you did have a DJ - who do you recommend? And I would love to walk down to something other than recorded music...any suggestions on this? Oh...I'm getting married at Dreams Cabo, this may be useful. Thanks so much, i know i can count on you guys to give me great suggestions/advice!

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Hello StaceyE,


I would to say that you can use a nice trio for walk down, and also for cocktail hour and then a Dj for dinner and reception, that way you can have both, live and recorded music at once. We the Djs are to please your specific taste for music, our work is to create the special atmosphere for you and your family and friends.


If you need some more information for Dj services this is my email




my web site


Baja Pro Audio - Home Page

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Thank you so much for all your advice. I'm definitely going to look in to live music for the ceremony and I'm still undecided about the reception - most likely going to use a DJ though. If you have heard of any great live music group - trios or Mariachi bands, let me know! Thanks again!!!smile159.gif

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