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  1. getting married next month , on a private beach in Cabo, with 24 friends / family this is pretty much a last min. wedding, not our first...& we have been together 14 years, i think i want a mariachi band to play, anyone have any recomendations? also we want to do a sunset cruise following out of the nearby cabo marina, not one of those giant ones but a catamaran would be nice to charter for the group, with cocktails, any recomendations there too would be greatly appreciated. We did the booze cruise 14 years ago had a blast, but i think a private charter might be best. Also thinking about booking a latin jazz guitarest to play during our dinner....
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    Let's talk music...

    i need a mariachi band for my wedding in late February, does anybody know of how I get one, our hotel said they would get me one & would cost 650. for every 45 min. sounds kind of high for a trio
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    April 2011 Brides

    warning about Le Kliff, My brother booked his daughter's, ( my niece) wedding @ this very cool restaurant in PV, ( last June) the Grooms parents also decided on having their rehersal dinner as well, My brother paid in way in advance for dinner /cocktails for around 85 people, He had gone there with his family years before, & had remebered how amazing this place was & the excellant food. Well this was the problem, I am assuming the owners must have spent all the pre-paid money after they got it months in advance & then had to buy the poorest quality cheapest food to serve, the fillet mignons were so tough you could not eat them, i dont think they were fillets, they certainly did not look like fillets, some even mentioned they did not think they came from a cow...the sides were very lack lusture, & the food took forever to be served & was not at all hot when served, the cake was not good either, the flaming coffee thing they did was only for the B & G & it too fell flat. I felt so sorry for my brother , because I know it cost him a small fortune & there was not much he could do, on the brighter side the passed horderves were very good @ the rehersal dinner, grilled shrimp on a stick , yum! cocktails were nice to. the place is very beautiful, beware of the swarms of huge mosquitos that can appear out of no where! Don't do steaks! i would do a buffet or food stations, make it Mexican food & or with seafood. I hope you did not give them full payment! & Good luck!