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General Food Prices

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Does anyone know the general prices for food at restaurants in Cabo? I am trying to get an idea of what it is going to cost us for foot.


Also, would it be better to use US money or the Peso?

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Besides the small holes in the wall kind of restaurants, mostly accept major credit cards. Also, if you use your cc you can get a better exchange rate. As far as the food is concern, Cabo is expensive. However, just like everywhere else prices vary.

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Sandra is right....

Cabo is expensive but here are a few that won't hurt you too bad except for drinks....

Brazil: All you can eat steakhouse I belive $35 per person...tons of good food. Even my Veggie mom loved it.

El Corral: (little hole in the wall) great food, inexpensive...

La Quesadilla: great quesadillas, inexpensive

will list more later :)

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Thanks for the info! I will look into those restaurants. For our ceremony dinner we are going to Sunset da Mona Lisa. I know that is on the pricy side but other than that, we are not looking for anything fancy. We will have teens and young adults with us.


We are just going to bring cash and traveller's checks with us.

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