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Sandals Negril Brides

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Hey I was just looking thru most of the posts for Sandals Brides, and i noticed that I'm the only one getting married at Sandals Negril.

Is that ture?

Say it anit so ... LOL....


If your a Sandals Negril bride for 2008 or 2009 post your info welcome1.gif


I'll be marring my King on Oct 11, 2008 by the light of the sunset on the white sands of Negril... love.gif

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Hi Mrs R2B,


I will also be marrying at Sandals Negril in April 2009. You will be going first so you will have to keep me posted. It is nice to see someone else on this board going to Negril. I chose Negril b/c I have already been to Montego Bay and I heard the best beaches are in Negril. My FI and I are defintely beach people so that is why we chose here. We will have to keep in contact and help each other out with any questions we might have.






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I too am a fellow Sandals Negril bride! We are actually getting married in July 2008 (soon!!!!). I plan on posting a full review when I return, because the few I have been able to find have been so helpful!


If either of you have any questions I'd be happy to try to answer them. There are only 5 of us in total going down - so we aren't doing a lot of upgrades, etc. but I do have the information on some of them if you don't already.


Happy Planning!


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OMG... I'm not the only one... I am so happy to see other Negril Brides 2 cheer2.gif


Congrats Kala on your upcoming July Wedding !!! woot.gif I cant wait to see your full review with pics of course so i can see what i'm in store for... LOL... We didn't do any upgrades either or at least i dont think we did ? I'll get back to you on that one.. blink.gif We got the sunset package, and I'm bringing down my own floramatique flowers... Just because the free flowers they were offering was kinda ugly and i wanted callas for my bouqet.


Hey do you know if or how much it is for a welcome party reception? cause i would love to have one of those.


Heather i so agree with you on Negirl being the best beach choice, I'm a jamaican so i've been to all the beaches, and i must say 7 mile beach is the BEST MON !!! Kayla and I will for sure keep you posted on all the dos and dont's when we get married.... So you know what your in store for.... I'm just so happy i have some SNB (Sandals Negril Brides) to chat with ... bunny_4.gif


Hey what are you guys doing for favours and welcome gifts?


We are giving small bottles of Appleton Rum and shot glasses for favours and for the welcome gifts, we are doing like a bathroom welcome bag. Stff like lotion, body wash, shampoo etc...


Well i think I've rambled on enuf talk to you guys soon...


One Luv

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Originally Posted by Mrs.R2be View Post
Hey Heather i am so jealous of you ..... I would have loved to have lost 40 pounds before my wedding . but i have no will power... tell me what your doing?
I only lost 15 so far but I hope to lose 40 by then. I have just cut back portions and carbs. I haven't even really been eating too much fruit or dairy. Taking vitamins since I haven't been getting everything from the food I eat. Also, I started eating every 2-3 hrs. As long as you plan your day, its not that bad. I have cheated a little but its good not to deprive yourself completely. I also started running. I was going to the gym for almost a full year consistantly and didn't see great results. I began running and I lost that 15 in about 3 months. I am up to 3 miles. I also take spin classes at least 1 time a week. If you want, we can keep each other motivated. The have a biggest loser on the forum but I saw the post too late. If they do another one I will join it. Money is a great motivator.


P.S. I love sweets. Sugar free jello and fudgscicles are a great alternative.
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