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Wedding Nightmares


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I've had a few wedding day nightmares but lately they are more current and vivid. So last night my nightmare consisted of:

1. having a really short ugly haircut, and no professional help for the wedding day

2. not wearing any make up to the wedding because i forgot to shop for it

3. missing the first boat over to the wedding site and having to swim there, getting picked up by a little blow up boat, but falling out and having to swim again

4. my dress was completely see through and alterations weren't done

5. the back of the dress was a V cut, and showed my butt crack

6. to top off the V cut, I was wearing just plain old everyday undies and was pissed at myself for not buying special wedding day undies


In my totally non professional analysis, I think I need to start checking some items off my wedding to do list. which is currently titled "wedding shit" hmm, maybe a better attitude would help too!

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