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I have been considering flying our photographer in as well.  The prices are outrageous at the hotel and I can't seen to find much cheaper when looking at other businesses.


I can't believe its already October.. How time flies.

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Hey there beautiful brides,


I am new to this website and absolutely love it!!!!  Congrats to everyone who has gotten married and to everyone who is getting married!!!!  This is so exciting.  I figured doing a destination wedding that it would be cheaper, less decisions and less stress...hahahah well for sure the first to were wrong lol.


As I have started reading a bunch of your experiences, I think we made the right choice choicing the Barcelo Complex....I was unsure as we have never been there before.  I have a ton of questions (as most brides do) and hope I am not being overbearing,


Majority of my guest are staying at the Barcelo Colonial, we will have around 30 people attending.  Our wedding is on April 5th 2017 at 4pm, but I am not to sure if that is to early in the day now after reading so many reviews.  Do you suggest trying to change it to 5pm?


My WC is Simona Gigli and so far she is pretty good at responding (except when she went on holidays for a couple weeks but she let you know she was gone so you were not wondering why she wasn't responding), she usually takes a couple days the most to respond.  I booked through a travel agent not barcelo.com like I have read a lot of ladies have.  I haven't gotten a spreadsheet like I am hearing about most ladies working off of, which kind of concerns me.  We chose the Strawberry Passion packages because we want our reception/dance to be outside on the beach.  Our Ceremony is going to be at the Gazebo at the Palace resort then the recption is on the beach somewhere (havent choosen a place yet). 

Do you guys have a rehearsal dinner for everyone at your wedding or just the wedding party? 


I have read about ladies bringing decorations?  What type of decorations are you bringing?  How many suitecases are you bringing to bring all these decoration? Does the hotel not provide ribbons for the chairs and other items like that?  I would think for over 4000 USD that they would provide something.  I also read on one ladies blog that she bought the Strawberry passion package and said a DJ was included.....is that true?


I read that hair and make up from the Spa are not that good for wedding standards, so I think I will pay the vendor fee and get an outside vendor but I am not sure which one to choose.  I read good things about Yucatan hair/Beso brides and the styling trio, what are your thoughts on those?


We are looking to opt out of a cocktail party and add an hour onto the reception like everyone has suggested, did your guest get bored between the ceremony and the reception then?


When I asked my WC about the cost on palm tree/dance floor lighting and lanterns or other decors for the ceremony, she gave me two emails to contact.  Encore-MX and decocancun........does this mean you have to pay a number of vendors and not just our hotel for everything wedding coordinated?  You would think if you see things in their pictures that the hotel could provide.  The palm tree lighting isn't even through the hotel?


Lastly I was thinking of getting a off site photographer, but not sure which way to go.  I haven't read nice things about the resort photographer and do not know if I should be flying one down or try one like photostudios, MTM or Octavio.  What are your thoughts?


Sorry about all the questions but it is really hard when you do not live there and can not see things for yourself.

Thanks you so much

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@@Raelynn34 hi!


I did the Strawberry package and had my ceremony at 4pm at the Gazebo. I'd say if you aren't having a cocktail hour then that would be a good time because it will give you some time in between to take pictures before the reception!


We had 35 guests attend, and since it was a small group we didn't want anyone to feel left out and just do a rehearsal dinner for the wedding party. I asked my WC about doing a welcome dinner the night before so that all of the guests could be there. We were able to have it at the Santa Fe Restaurant, however we didn't get confirmation on that until the day we actually arrived in Mexico! If you ask about this I'm sure they will be happy to do the same, otherwise they also told me if that didn't work out they would have sectioned off an area of the buffet for all of our guests and we could have done it there.


As far as decorations, the only thing we brought ourselves were votive candles. Barcelo wanted to charge $7 per candle, and we found a pack of 80 online for $20. The Strawberry package includes all of the ribbons on the chairs! Centerpieces are separate though. We went with one of the less expensive options and then had them set up all of the candles we brought all over the tables.


The Strawberry Package comes with hair and makeup for the bride, so I used that for the night of our welcome dinner and had Styling Trio come in for the wedding day! SO HAPPY I did this because while the hair and makeup wasn't bad at Barcelo, the level of expertise from Styling Trio was just incredible. Everyone looked amazing after their work!


When I went through the process, the lighting was one of the options when we went through our spreadsheet. I understand they use an outside vendor, however our WC was able to show us different photo options. We went with the Chinese Lanterns and the white dance floor and it looked beautiful! We had our reception around the pool at the Palace and it turned out great.


We used Octavio for our Videographer and were pleased with them. We used a family friend from the US as our photographer, who is willing to travel down there should you need! Could be worth looking into. Let me know if you have any other questions or need more info :)


Happy Planning!

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Hiiiii past Barcelo and future brides!!!! 


I am getting married June 23,2017. I started planning this wedding in Jan! I have planned a lot so far so good! My reception will be on Captain Morgans beach since Playa Azul beach was already booked (BUMMER). Can anyone tell me if there is a nice breeze on the beach during the summer??



Please and thank you!

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Hi! You can contact him by email at Hx2photographers@@gmail.com


He is currently working on his website, but he could send you some pics :)  He is also fluent in Spanish which actually came in handy more than I thought!

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Can you send me some pictures that Henry took please?  I would love to see their work in action, my email is stasia2914@yahoo.com


Thank you :)

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Hi Ladies


does any one have a copy of this "spreadsheet" many are talking about?

also, where can i find the vendor fees?

does any one know if there is a vendor fees for getting flowers from out of the resort?


Im also in search for the centrepeice options. I emailed my coordinator Yazmin about 8 days ago, still have not heard anything, is this happening to anyone else? does anyone have Yazmin


sorry for all the questions! 

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Hi Ladies,


We love being part of destination weddings at Barcelo and capturing magic moments that will be unforgettable. We were part of Mari & Omar's wedding.

Take a look at this highlight


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