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Thanks for that info - yes it does help!


I went back and checked out the pics that my WC sent me way back when we started planning. You are absolutely right, it doesn't look like there are any trees around where they normally set up the tables at Playa Azul, so I think the pics I saw before were mislabeled. I'll definitely have to explore other options with my WC as far as lighting goes then, or look at a different reception location like Captain Morgan beach. I really liked the look of the palm tress all lit up as well!!


I sent Martina another email an hour ago and I will let you know what she says. Like I said, I wasn't planning on holding one bad review against her (although it was alarming to read!) but for her to not respond to my concerns makes me even more hesitant to book with her!!



I didn't go with an outside vendor for the chair bows. We are using the turquoise bows as it matches perfectly. But I'd probably do the same thing and just go with white if you can't get a match. Did you look into buying your bows online and bringing them with you? I wonder if that would be cheaper than the outside vendor? Or go with white and buy some colour coordinated hand finds or something like that? Even though it may be windy we did purchase some white wood hand fans to place in all the ceremony chairs. I figured the guests would make use of them at some point in their trip.


If you are curious about the bad review check out weddingwire.com. There are four reviews in total. Three positive ones all from 2014 and the bad review form June of this year.

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Hi there,


I tried all weekend to send the documents to the email you provided but they kept getting rejected at your end. I even broke them down to one document per email and it didn't work.



Edited by TaraW

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Me again!!


I feel like I'm monopolizing this right now!!


It's been an interesting few days and I wanted to share a few of my interactions during my planning:


First off, I was in communication with my WC and she happened to mention that we were going to finalize the reception site closer to the wedding date ....HUH????? I sent her back a message to clarify and she responded telling me that Playa Azul already had a party of 300 booked in the evening of my wedding. I freaked a bit because I booked this date and Playa Azul a whole year in advance and nobody said anything to me at that time!! Anyhow I responded back and told her that the reception location was just as important as every other aspect of the wedding, and we specifically chose both the Strawberry Package and Playa Azul, and didn't want to find myself hating the choices that I was given "closer to the wedding day" in April when everything was booked up.I insisted that if it was being changed from my original location that I be allowed to confirm another location right away and not be moved again, and if this couldn't be done I would have to look at other venues because I wasn't going to have this kind of stress. She wrote me back right away and apologized saying she had made a mistake on the date, and Playa Azul was indeed available and I was booked there. I starting thinking that I had read somewhere of another bride trying to be moved from Playa Azul and they told her there was a party of 300 as well .... Coincidence??? I wonder if they keep this location in case a larger party books, and use this as a standard line with brides?? Anyhow just in case any of you are wanting Playa Azul and you find that they won't solidify the reservation .... Stick to your guns and insist like I did and hopefully it works out!!!! :)


My second weird interaction was with MVP hair and makeup. I emailed asking about costs and when she provided me with a quote I let her know that I already had found a company that was slightly less expensive, so I was going to stay with them, and thanked her for her time. She responded back in a way that I felt was quite rude, asking me if I wanted a price or a professional, had I checked out the online reviews and what company was I already dealing with? I told her I was looking for both a professional AND a price as I was a bride on a budget and declined to share with her the other company's name. I also found her suggestion that I haven't done my research quite disrespectful. It's a destination wedding so of course I'm doing my research! Anyhow she offered me another lower quote and I asked some clarifying questions because she doesn't charge a flat fee so I wanted to know if it included travel costs, false eyelashes, etc. and I also asked what she recommended between false eyelashes and extensions given the climate. She answered me back but didn't answer all of the questions, so I asked them again. Then she answered the wrong question altogether and when I clarified myself she responded back that she wasn't going to answer my questions until I booked with her!! I was trying to factor in the costs of false lashes vs lash extensions before I committed to her quote, but I couldn't do that because she refused to respond until I paid her. I told her that if she couldn't answer a few simple questions then I wasn't going to hire her, and she then told me that we "weren't the right fit" which I thought was funny. Clearly we weren't the right fit when all she was focussed on was her bottom line and not willing to help me determine if her services would fit within my budget. Not the way to book a bride that's for sure!!! Anyhow just wanted to share the experience so be careful if you are dealing with them!! I have chatted with quite a few vendors (photographers, make up, etc) and they have all be quite lovely and happy to answer questions, and don't seem to want to insult you in the process if you thank them for their time and go with someone else! :) Either that or they don't respond to your emails at all like one of them has done recently :)


Any other interesting interactions or frustrating experiences you all have had recently?? Hopefully not!! :) this is supposed to be a less stressful way to tie the knot isn't it??? :)

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HI @@JJ785220,


Welcome to the forum!! I agree with the other ladies about how to determine pricing. I Still don't know exactly how much the end cost for the wedding will be, but we started by selecting a packaged from the wedding list ( found on Barcelos website). We made our package decision based on how much additional the per person price would be ( its different for each package). We are going with the Mint Breeze Package with starts at $2600 and is additional $30 per person after 20 people.  


I am currently in the process of choosing the cake and menu for the reception. After this, I will began choosing, Décor, DJ, Photographer etc. and this is probably where the other costs will start to add up outside of the chosen package.


If you have any other questions while you're deciding let me know, and ill do my best to answer. Happy Planning!

Wow @@TaraW,


I cant believe the MVP sales rep was so rude and pushy!! I'M glad you are doing your research! I haven't yet come across ant frustrating experiences but I'm sure glad you let us know about the receptions site issue. I will be prepared for that now.  I cant wait to see what the options are!


Thank you for sharing :)

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It was definitely weird, and it got even weirder! I thought I was communicating with a female, but it turned out to be a male ... who followed up with another snotty email to me a few days ago!! We then got into this very strange banter back and forth where he  kept insisting that he did answer my questions, even though he could clearly see the email chain. I even highlighted it for him and he would just respond like he was completely clueless. I ended it by telling him I would be sharing our interaction with my fellow brides and he was not happy, saying I was punishing him simply because we "weren't a good match"  He just didn't get it at all, it was so bizarre! Anyhow thankfully I have had lots of really lovely conversations with companies, regardless of whether I have booked them or not.  This was a bit of a one off situation and certainly would give me some pause if I was considering booking with them!!

Just an update ... still no word back from Martina at Best Moments! I sent her that initial email that I told you about, then a second one a week later asking for her to get back to me soon .... and nothing yet! Between the lack of response and the really bad review, I think that's enough red flags for me!! :)  

@@SammyMac - that last update was for you!! :) 

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@@TaraW sorry for the late reply. I've been traveling for a little while. Good to know! Thanks for the update. I've confirmed our location a couple times - I wonder if she will try and pull the same thing with me. Are you settled on Playa Azul now for both the ceremony and reception? How is the planning coming along?

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Hey there! No worries!

Not sure if people will experience the same issues with their WC's trying to change the reception locations on them. If you have it in writing then I think you are fine. I didn't have written confirmation for the reception for some reason, and I kept pushing for it, which prompted her response. I did find it weird that as soon as I pushed back she backed down. I think the resort tries to keep areas like Playa Azul open for possible large bookings unless they get a bride that is totally insistent! (like me! :))


The planning is all done with the exception of our spa bookings that we do a month before. I have sent my WC a long list of questions regarding some of the finer details that I want to obsess about while I have nothing else to do! Haha! They could probably wait until the week before but why not get them out of the way  (questions about reception lighting options for Playa Azul, specific details about my bouquet, etc. ) I'm also waiting back to hear if our paperwork is all in order or if we need to send some things through the Mexican Consulate here in Canada first. My WC was kind enough to present some documents that I scanned and emailed to the Mexican Judge ahead of time to make sure they don't need to be translated, etc. No sense in wasting money I don't need to spend! It's a bit of a pain if you've been married before (as we both have) because it adds to the paperwork. I'm still waiting on my dress as well (still 2 months away) and just trying to hit the gym as often as I can before it arrives :)


I did send Martina at Best Moments a third and final email as well. I told her I was very disappointed in her lack of response to both my makeup questions I had asked and my worry about the bad review I read, and told her that it was way too many red flags for me and I certainly couldn't trust her enough with my big day if she just ignored me repeatedly, which I've read that she does a LOT of. Certainly not the way to keep your destination brides stress free! I have confirmed and booked with Beso Brides and they are awesome at getting back to me, have very competitive prices, great reviews and are super accommodating! They don't take a deposit either as they like to book their brides on a respect/trust basis which I think is rare!


Otherwise that's pretty much it! How about all of you fellow Barceló brides out there (this thread is quiet right now!!) What planning stage are you on? How are things going? Anything you are stuck on, stressed about or enjoying about it all? Have your wedding dresses arrived yet, are your rings all ready to go and all of that good stuff?? :)

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Hello Barcelo brides!

Wow after reading all of this I feel like I'm way behind in the planning process!!  I'm still waiting to hear back from my WC..it took forever to hear back from her the first time.  I haven't picked anything yet..packages or locations.  I've booked hair and makeup (Sara Tamargo), booked the DJ (Discomovil) and ordered my dress.  That's about it!  Hopefully it all comes together by the end of March!  Hubby and I just moved so that took priority over wedding planning.  

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@barcelobride2016  - welcome to the forum!


It may seem like lots to do but you will get through it fairly quickly once it gets rolling. Definitely first things first - decide on your favorite location in the resort for your wedding! I don't think you can go wrong with any of them, it's just depends on what you are looking for and what you envision. Some of the locations book up fast so get on that part as soon as you can! I'm sure if you have questions or need clarification on some things about locations you can ask here first - we may get back to you faster than your WC! :) 


Once you get started on the plans, set a location and start the process, I'm happy to send you some documents I have if you'd like. The WC will not let you proceed through to the next step until you have decided and answered her back on everything from the previous step. I can forward you the info that I've gathered throughout the process so you and your fiancé can sit down and pour over it so you can make some tentative decisions ahead of time and be more prepared as she walks you though it and not feel like you are help complete hostage to the (sometimes) lengthy delays in getting email responses. Just be prepared that it can take up to a week for them to respond, so don't be too alarmed!! :)



Happy planning!!

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    • @Belle315 Royalton Brides Facebook Review:
      Review! 7/7/18
      Paradise Package 71 guests
      Rehearsal: Grande Marche (45ppl)
      Ceremony: Sky Terrace 2pm
      Cocktail hour: ballroom hall 2:30-3:30pm
      Reception: Sky Terrace 6-10pm
      Travel Agent: Raylene at Ever After (out of Las Vegas)
      Off site coordinator: Charlyne
      On site planner: Paola
      Home base: Arlington, TX (DFW area)

      I wrote a ridiculously long review (11 pages). It includes my itinerary, my 6 page travel letter for worry warts, guest bags, every detail of the hotel, cost, advice, etc. I’m not going to overload the FB page with it so here is a link to the review if you want to read it. In short, I would give this hotel and experience 5 stars and recommend you use an outside vendor for photography and DJ just for cost effective reasons. Theirs is amazing and will not disappoint. My favorite part of my stay was the wedding of course and the spa. Favorite people at the resort were Paola (wedding planner), Vividiana (check in), Veronica and Marisol (spa). https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RaFb19Pbn8tDvNY3_GSoZ8DX0plYaT_F

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      Sometimes it pays to be a responsible adult, even if it seems boring on the surface. Before that cash starts burning a hole in your pocket, it’s a good idea to “pay yourselves first.” That means paying down debt (especially if you racked up any for the wedding itself), starting a rainy day savings fund, or even contributing to your retirement accounts. It might feel like a lifetime away, but one day you’ll both be glad you made such a sound investment. Save Up for Something Big
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