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  1. @@TaraW Those cards are so cute! I'll take 25 of them if you have left over!
  2. Hi ladies, I've also had the same issue with my wedding coordinator leaving as well. I had been emailing Lillian for about 2 months without getting a response. I finally emailed my travel agent to find out whether she knew if Lillian was still with Barcelo. She called Barcelo and was told that Lillian was in fact no longer with the company and Scarlet was taking over for me. Once I got the right person things finally started to move. But it was a little annoying not being told what was going on, and I still have to wonder how long I would have been left out in the cold had I not contacted the travel agent. with less than 3 months to go i'm now starting to feel a little stress since I still haven't done much. The menu is now picked (yay!) and we just bought our wedding bands. We still have to order our welcome kit stuff, party favours, figure out decor, get bridesmaid dresses, the groom's and groomsman's outfits. But I'm sure it will all come together
  3. @@TaraW Thanks so much I would love those documents!! you can send it to linds_1982@hotmail.com That would be super helpful!!
  4. Hello Barcelo brides! Wow after reading all of this I feel like I'm way behind in the planning process!! I'm still waiting to hear back from my WC..it took forever to hear back from her the first time. I haven't picked anything yet..packages or locations. I've booked hair and makeup (Sara Tamargo), booked the DJ (Discomovil) and ordered my dress. That's about it! Hopefully it all comes together by the end of March! Hubby and I just moved so that took priority over wedding planning.
  5. barcelobride2016

    Is This Too Tacky?!

    Not tacky at all!!! the cake will look beautiful. I'm using silk flowers as well for my wedding at Barceló too! I'm actually going to the silk flower warehouse today to see what we can find. Beats paying an arm and a leg for real ones when the fake ones can look just as nice
  6. That's hilarious, I've been singing "let it go" in my head when dealing with the negativity from people about doing a destination wedding! Mostly my family unfortunately. I feel like I've repeated myself a million times to people when I say please don't feel obligated to come, we understand it's a lot to ask. I find it so funny that some of our closest friends who don't make a huge salary are super excited for us and will be there no matter what, when some immediate family members (siblings, my dad) who have tons of money are making us feel guilty. It's so upsetting. But...let it go....
  7. Me too!! Mine are horseback rider thighs but same thing.. Sweaty thighs are the worst!!
  8. I figured since we weren't getting married on the beach (likely the garden gazebo) that a ball gown wouldn't be so bad! It's suprisingly airy under the dress so I feel like I have more chance staying cool (also considering strapping a couple cool packs to my legs... We've gotta do what we've gotta do to keep cool!)
  9. Thanks ladies!!! I really appreciate your input. This was the only dress that made me feel like a bride. And after all we only get to be a princess once!
  10. Hello fellow brides! I'm sure this topic has come up a million times, but I'm wondering if it's acceptable to wear almost a ball gown type of dress to a destination wedding? I'm getting married at the barcelo maya palace march 2016. I was originally looking for a mermaid style dress but fell in love with this one. Thoughts?? Too much? I'm not sure why I look sideways..oh well you get the point.
  11. barcelobride2016

    Amazing DJ!

    This is a review of:

    Disco Movil DJs

    Amazing DJ!

    Pros: Everything!
    Cons: none
    We hired Discomovil for our wedding March 30, 2016 at the Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe.  I contacted Ricardo several months before our wedding and from the very beginning they were fantastic to deal with.  They are very quick to respond to emails.  Dealing with Ricardo and choosing Discomovil was the easiest part of our wedding. When we arrived to our reception location they had set up their light up dance floor and announced us exactly as I had asked Ricardo to, right down to the point in the song that I wanted the introduction to start.  I was worried that with such a small group (19 people) it wouldn't be much of a party.  But as soon as dinner was over Ricardo got everyone out on the dance floor and most of us stayed dancing right to the very end.  I didn't provide Ricardo with too many "must play" songs and told him to use his judgement to just keep the party going, and he was amazing!  He read the crowd perfectly.  There was only one time where I turned to him and motioned for him to change songs which he did very quickly.  My guests requested some obscure songs that he didn't have, but he went and found them all and played every single request.  All of my guests told me how fabulous the DJ was.  Do not hesitate to hire Discomovil, you will be so happy you did!