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  1. I can answer some of these! 1) I had a small wedding and almost everyone knew each other. We still did a quick intro just for the bride and groom. 2) My uncle was our officiant but I do know that the $300 cash has to be paid directly to their officiant. The reason why Yasmin says it's included is because they won't waive the $300 for bringing your own officiant (I tried!). Assuming that you pay the officiant directly, the $300 will be deducted from the overall price. 3)I've been to weddings where they had uneven numbers. Actually, they had almost double the number of groomsmen than
  2. Thank you! You won't regret taking your own decorations.
  3. Hi there, I can't help with where to get fabric, but I wanted to share my experience because I almost took my own. I'm obsessed with DIY especially when I can save tons of money! I took two luggages full of my own decorations. That said, I seriously considered taking fabric for my gazebo but in the end I paid to have the resort do it. My mom is a drapery designer and we have tons of "leftover" fabric rolls so it would have been free but her advice was that it may not look good since you would have to estimate the amount of fabric you need and guess how you would secure it. What if you
  4. Hi there! I can speak from experience... I took a ton of decorations without a problem and even brought them all back! I had two big luggages. One had: - 8 plastic vases - 8 artificial flower arrangements - cake topper flower arrangement The other had: - 8 32" paper parasols - 12 votive holders & candles - 12 taper candle holders & candles - 24 favor jars - 12 x 12" Polaroid picture holder frame - 2 flower girl baskets - 30 bubble wands - 18 wooden fans - Mr & Mrs letter blocks - Various little things like photo booth props, clothes pins, small crates for prog
  5. Hello everyone, I want to share some photos and encourage brides to DIY their own decorations if you have the time. It definitely saves tons of money and you can make sure your wedding looks exactly the way you want it to. This is only a small portion of the decorations I took to Riviera Maya, Mexico. I had two checked bags full of decorations. It was so worth it, especially after seeing the ridiculous price list the resort charges for decorations. These artificial flower arrangements are made by my friend who used to be a florist. The gold "vase" was plastic, spray painted in gold by
  6. Hi TaraW, Thanks for sharing your experience in detail! I feel much better knowing they had our contact info because they divide up the workload. However, our issue was that unlike you, we were already charged for the shuttle when we booked it along with hotel and flight. Otherwise they would have mentioned it when we checked in, as in your experience. Funny how they bugged us at 11pm to finish the transaction for the wedding, but never mentioned the shuttle charge until checkout! In your case, it makes sense Vacaciones Barcelo contacted you, but they should have never contacted us
  7. Hello everyone! My wedding was on March 23rd and wanted to share my experience... Some horrible and some good, so you know this is going to be super lengthy! My background: I'm a teacher with an art degree so I'm VERY picky with visuals, like decorations and details... And also need to have everything ready ahead, double-check, triple-check to have a peace of mind. (You can see why I was stressed out majority of the time!!) Ok, onto my review: Check-In - It took us over an hour to help our immediate family members to check-in at the Tropical and take the shuttle to the Palace to c
  8. Thank you all for your input! I feel more comfortable using the fake flowers now..
  9. @@acw271011 You are so helpful! Thanks for the ideas. I'm gonna look into all those options and pick the best. Thanks again!
  10. Thanks for all your thoughts! I really needed the reassurance..True about nobody remembering the cake. I just want a pretty photo in the end. Off to Michaels tomorrow!
  11. Hello all! These are my inspiration for my cake, except mine will be a single layer. I'm using the color palette from the first picture. I have a topper that says "Love" that will be painted in gold, and I want it to stick out with a full stack(?) of flowers underneath it, like the second picture. I've been going to Michaels for the last three days to take advantage of their 50% off coupon, and I found this for $9.99 ($5 after coupon!) Do you think it's tacky to use these flowers? Do they look too fake? I know some brides have talked about "silk flowers" and I'm not sure what the
  12. @@Bcari16 When your WP has an answer for you, will you please let me know? I'm scared to even mention it to my WP (I have Yasmin).
  13. @@Bcari16 Oh my goodness!! No way! My wedding planner never mentioned that.... maybe your wedding planner thought you meant a different resort??? Now I'm getting nervous...... that will add up to be A LOT of money. @@Bcari16 Ok, I did some searching because I got nervous about the day pass. The wedding package pdf my wedding planner sent says, "Guests not staying at the resort and attending the wedding must pay a day pass." This statement is under every wedding package, and it doesn't mention any of the actual hotel names. On their website, the word "resort" always refers to
  14. @@CellineSouza Congratulations! I LOVE your table set-up! I like how the staff could get to the guests easily. I might do something similar, or have all the tables together as a big square. @@Christinedrc Awesome! I'll ask for the Oaxaca building.
  15. Craigslist is a GREAT idea! I completely forgot about that option. I'll probably wait until after the wedding and have a big sale and sell off everything. Thanks!! Your wedding pictures look gorgeous, by the way. I am totally getting the hot pink chair sashes like yours!
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