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Looking for recommended bands and photographers for St. John wedding!


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Has anyone had great experience or know of some vendors that I can look into for my wedding in November in St. John?


I am looking for a steel drum band for a welcome dinner, classical instruments for the ceremony and dj/band for the wedding reception.


I am also looking for a 2 person photographer group and videographer that is creative and original in their own way. More of a photojournalistic approach as well as traditional.



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Our wedding is in October so I can't give you a review but here is who we are using. Everything was set up through our WC, Mary from Island Style Weddings.



Blueglass Photography



Hi Def Vi Videography


Steel Pan

Lemuel Callwood


Hope this helped a little.

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I have been in contact with Blueglass photography. It is insane how the prices are so similar to NY prices for photographer and videographers! I am not using a wedding coordinator because I seem to have a good handle on all of the logistics and vendors which are recommended. Do you know anyone else that has used Blueglass or Hi Def video?

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I am using Blue Glass Photography, Hi Def Video as well but I am not having a wedding planner help me. I have booked everything directly with them since I am an event planner in the states and know that I have control issues with this kind of stuff :)


I guess having a wedding coordinator is beneficial especially if you want to be hands off that day. Is your wedding coordinator going to be onsite the day of your wedding?

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