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Desperate Housewives


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So I just read about this weeks Desperate Housewives...there is going to be a tornado, but here's the crappy thing because of the writers strike they didn't film part II of this tornado, so we might have to wait until next season to find out who dies in the tornado.


The exec. producer Marc Cherry said that until the strike is over they won't show the part II because he wants it to be the start of the a few new episode...

I am totally bummed.smile124.gifthey need to end the strike...just pay the writers what they are worth people!

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That stinks. This stupid strike is really putting a damper on the livelyhood of America as a whole.


Can you tell I watch way to much T.V.

Seriously though some of us live in really cold areas of the country and in the dead of winter my favorite t.v. characters are like family to me, I cant wait to get home from work and see them. UGH!

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