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The Home Reception

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I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. We are having our wedding by ourselves and then plan on having an at home celebration a few months later. I would like to incorporate my FI's neice and nephew into the reception in some way (he is 3 and she is 1). His SIL was a little upset when we said that we were having a destination wedding. Can anyone give me some sugestions? I feel like if I tell her they will have a part in the AHR she won't be upset.





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They could do a sand ceremony with you! I've heard of couples saving the sand ceremony for their AHR so that others who could not attend can witness some kind of ceremony between the two of you. You could have each one of them have a colour and you could help them with the pouring. Another idea is to have them dress as Flower Girl and Ring Bearer and have them lead you into your party (if it's going to be at a hall or something) as the "grand entrance". Hmmmm...Let me think more on it!

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Are you going to have a wedding cake there? They could also help you cut the cake. Another idea just came to mind too where you could have a small photoshoot with you wearing your wedding gown (even just somewhere like Sears!) and veil and they could be all dressed up in flower girl and ring bearer attire. They would be realllllly cute photos and a keepsake for them and you. You could include the pics in a slideshow at the AHR!

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