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Trying to decide on Hen Do


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Well I'm trying to decide on where to go for my hen do.


I don't want to go round town as normal wearing bloody L Plates and getting trashed so I thought we could go abroad and do it lmao


So the first suggestion was Euro Disney in Paris. Now that sounded ok until I dumped the MOH, who btw still hasn't rang to find out why lmao


So now I'm thinking maybe New York? Do you think its do-able, ie 3-4 days in New York from the UK?

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Between the hen do, bloody L plates, and the piss up I am laughing myself silly over here! I love how we're all from different places and get to learn this stuff...I'm going to start using some of your lingo.


As for your question, I've been to Euro Disney & I think that would be super fun! How long is the flight to NY? That may work too.


P.S. What are L plates?

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