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  1. You can have a catholic ceremony at the Barcelo Maya Colonial. They will bring a priest to the resort and they have an open air chapel on the resort grounds.
  2. Hi, I got married at the Barcelo in December 2008. I flew in my own photographer so I don't know the exact quality of the hotel photographers work, but I did see a wedding going on while I was at the resort, and I do agree with Nic Dragomire's comment - the pictures that I noticed being taken were very generic with no creativity or fun to them. But I only saw a few pictures being taken on the resort grounds so maybe after they left the area I was in the pictures got better.
  3. Hi and welcome! Let me know what I can help with. I got married at the Barcelo in the Mayan Riviera in December 2008.
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    Hi Welcome to the forum!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Davematthews16 Several brides have told me to NOT use the hotel photographer! If you have the $, I would fly in your own. If you are on some sort of budget, I would use a photog in Mexico. But, I would book it now if you are using someone in Mexico, because my first choice was booked 3 months ago for January Also, they say they don't accept outside photographers, but my WC ASSURED me, with a day-pass it's fine. I'm just not going to make a big deal and hope it's all ok Hi!! I'm also getting married at the Barcelo on December 8, 2008. They do allow you to bring outside photograpers into the resort as long as you either book them a room for the night or get them a day pass for the day. I'm flying my photographer in so she'll be staying at the resort with us. Also, can you please send me that brochure that's being mentioned? I'd so greatly appreciate it because I don't even know where to begin with that. mjm160 - For the menu options, do you need to let the WC know in advance what you're guests will be having or does everyone get to pick their entree at the actual reception? Thanks Ladies!!
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    Hi Trice! and Cograts!! You are going to love it here - there's tons of information. Happy Planning!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by kerryjbrown Where did you find the grass paper. This invite is fantastic and has the same feel as the one I decide to try and "knock off" from Encore Studios. I need to find the paper though, any ideas? Kate's Paperie in NY sells the grass paper. That's where I got mine. You can also shop online - http://www.katespaperie.com/store/productView.php
  8. Hi Ladies! So happy to have found this thread. I too am a December bride - 12/08/08 to be exact. I see a lot of us have the same stresses - mainly the hotel. I get uneasy when I write to my WC and she doesn't respond right away or she tells me we have time - but I just keep telling myself not to worry, they know what they're doing and they do this all the time. So, so far I've sent out my STD's (I went with passports for my STDs) and I've already ordered my dress and my bridesmaid dresses. I also booked my photographer but I'm debating on whether or not to use the resort videographer or hire an outside one. I'm hoping to go with my FI this weekend to go shopping for his and his groomsmen attire and I also hope to start my invites this weekend. I'm going to wait on purchasing my OOT bags and all the goodies that will go in the bags until I got a good estimate on the number of people attending - I don't want to end up under- or over-buying stuff. Other than that I'm not sure what else I should be doing. Please let me know if I'm missing anything girls!
  9. I LOVE PB and fluff (it's like melted marshmallow) - it's sooo good. My FI thinks it's gross. I try and get him to try it but he won't and I think it's because if he takes one bite he'll get hooked and then he won't be able to make fun of me anymore.
  10. HI!! Welcome and congrats - you will love it here!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by foxfirejg I'm really looking at one of the Barcelo resorts, and I your pictures and review have definitely moved it up to the top for me. I was just wondering if it was difficult to get an outside photographer in? I was planning on using a local photographer (but not theirs), but now I'm thinking about flying someone in, and I'm concerned about them not being allowed to do photography (though honestly, if I'm paying for them to stay 3 nights, they aught to be able to do whatever the heck they want!!). I'm getting married at the Barcelo in December 2008 and made sure I understood their photographer policy fully before I booked them. You are allowed to bring in an outside photographer so long as the photographer is staying at the resort or you purchase them a day pass.
  12. I'm not sure of other locations but Ajua Weddings is a wedding planning company in Mexico that helps people do weddings outside of resorts and also provide all types of other services such as photography, assistance with arrangements at the Church, etc. Destination Weddings and Wedding Planning Services in Playa del Carmen
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    and Congrats!! BDW will definitely help you with your decisions - Happy Planning!!
  14. I agree with Hartyt509 - NO WAY should you have to pay for their travel expenses. I also let people know that I would be having a DW over a year in advance and that is more than enough time for them to save up for their own travel expenses.
  15. This is my BM's dress - their sash will be ivory. My MOH will have the same dress but will be a darker yellow and her sash will be ivory as well.
  16. I've been to: Antigua Australia Barbados Bermuda Brazil Canada Czech Republic Dominican Republic England France Germany Jamaica Mexico Puerto Rico Spain St. Lucia St. Maarten (both sides) Switzerland The Netherlands (Amsterdam) Tortola Norway Iceland Venezuela US US Virgin Islands As you can see i LOVE to travel!
  17. Your pictures look amazing!! Would you mind telling me where the reception took place? Did they just set everything up for you by the pool or is there an outdoor restaurant by the pool that was used? Thanks!
  18. my mom is 3 mths older than my dad and I'm 2 years older than my FI
  19. Thanks so much for sharing. Everything looks amazing!
  20. Hi, I'm getting married at the Nuestra Senora del Carmen as well and having the reception at the Barcelo. I know that if I wanted to have the Catholic ceremony at the Barcelo, instead of the church, my WC was going to coordinate with the priest so that he would come to the resort and marry us there. So maybe speak with your WC and see if the priest is willing to come to Dreams to do the ceremony.
  21. Hi Danielle, Welcome and happy planning!
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