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New Olivieri Commercial


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Has anyone seen the new commercial for Olivieri pasta & sauces?!

Where the couple is having a nice dinner & they keep "accidentally" getting food on each other so they have to take off more articles of clothing?!

The guy is gorgeous!!!!!! Wow!!!!! I wouldn't mind throwing food on him to make him take his clothes off!!!! LOL

& the smirk/smile he gives at the end is the icing on the damn cake!!! Prrrrrr!


Thankfully Mat's at work because I actually feel guilty! That's how much I like seeing this commercial!! I'm such a perv!! S&M.gif

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Yeah when I look at it through normal eyes I guess it would be a HUGE pain to get that stuff out...

But the pervy side of me that comes out EVERYTIME I see the commercial, thinks nothing but "Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......."

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