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How important is the ceremony time?

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Sorry if this has been posted before - I searched but didn't find anything. It might just be that the stress is making me not think very straight.


So, we wanted to get married close to dinner. Our wedding is in October and the sunset's on our wedding day (Tues Oct 28th) at 6:14pm. So a 4pm wedding would have been perfect. I figured:

4:00 - 4:30 Ceremony

4:30 - 5:30 Pictures (guests could go get changed - I know there's a few girls that will want to go change from sandals to heels)

5:30 - 6:30 Drinks

6:30 - huh.gif Dinner


The WC just got back saying 4pm isn't available for our ceremony, it would need to be 2pm. Argh! So, do I take the 2pm on our 'planned' day or move the wedding date forward a day?


We had planned Tuesday October 28th for one because I like even numbers (yep, I know I'm a nutbar...lol). IF we fly Sat-Sat I guess we could do it on Monday the 27th. We didn't want to move it to Wednesday the 29th as that's one of our GM's birthdays.


PLEASE HELP! What would you do??

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if you are really stuck on your timeline then i say move it. but if you are flexible why not have the ceremony at 2? that way you wont be rushed during pictures & people will have time to change & get to dinner. keep in mind even though we spend months upon months planning not everything is going to happen at the exact times they are set for. hope this helped a little. good luck!

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This isn't a legal ceremony right? Are you getting married in the states first? Because otherwise you have to be there four days ahead of time.

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Rachel that's too funny that you're like that too! FH doesn't get it...although he was the one that wanted us to get married on the 16th because that's his jersey number...lol.


It is a legal ceremony but we're not getting married in the states. We're from Canada so that would be quite a wedding to have the AHR in Canada, the legal part in the US and the ceremony in Mexico! We're going for two weeks, the wedding week and the week before so we'll be there in plenty of time.


The other bad thing about the 2pm ceremony is the sun. I don't want to be all squinty eyed during the ceremony. Do you think there's much of a difference between 2pm and 4pm though?

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2pm also seems like it would be HOT. Isn't 3 generally the hottest parts of the day? I think girls on here have made just about every time frame work though.


As for the 4 day thing, I think Trisha thought maybe you were from the US. :) If it's going to be a legal ceremony for you, I'm pretty sure MX requires you to be there 4 days before the ceremony. Meaning if you got there on Sat, you couldn't get married until at least Tues (that is if they let you count Sat.- some do, some don't I believe.)

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I was married on October 28, 2008 in Cabo. (I believe you may be on a different daylight savings day) but our day was the first day of daylight savings. Despite my trying to find out when we started planning, I didn't find this out until the friday before our Sunday wedding. We started everything at 4:00 but I wish it had been 3:00.. we lost the light quickly.


We had a breeze during the ceremony and it was only the sun that made things warm.. AND the ceremony doesn't really last very long and most of our guests were prepared for the heat. It was actually hotter at the reception area than the beach ceremony.

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Kay, so I looked up daylight savings for 2008. In Canada (where I am) there's no daylight savings in 2008. In the US it's March 9th to November 2nd and in Mexico it's April 6th to October 26th. Confusing much?


So, based on our wedding date of October 28th, it will NOT be daylight savings by two days. So someone needs to help me here (I always get confused with this part), on October 26th in Mexico do you move the clocks forward one hour or back? So 4pm on October 25th would be what time on October 27th?


According to Del Sol, the best ceremony times are:

4-4:30 during NO daylight savings

5-5:30 during daylight savings


Since we're not in daylight savings, our best time would be 4-4:30 right? But I asked Matt (at Del Sol about it) and he recommend 5:15 to 5:45pm. He said later is way better - anytime before 5:30. Since the ceremony times offered are on the even hours, I said it would have to be 6pm and he said that should be fine as we're not really doing posed pictures (just a few quick ones).


Now, just to make this more confusing, I got our sunset time of 6:14pm from sunrisesunset.com. However, at the bottom of October it says "Daylight Savings/Summer Time is in effect for the entire month." Since it's not daylight savings on October 28th though, does that mean the sun really sets at 5:14? or 7:14?


Help! smile124.gif

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Matt should know.. just confirm with him what day daylight savings is happening.. The clocks will move back by one hour at (2:30 am) on that date.


So if the sun normally set at 6:45pm.. it would be 5:45 on the day it changes and then a minute less each day after that. He'll be aware of your resort and light limitations.

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