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Gas Savings without going hybrid...


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When I lived in Iowa, ethanol blended gas was very common. But here in the DFW area, ethanol blends are rarely found at gas stations. It was fairly common here in Texas before the 70's, but right around that time, it phased out of Texas and is harder to find now.


So, when Frank and I were over in Sachse this weekend, we noticed the Kroger fuel station has E85 ethanol blend as an option. Of course, it had the typical disclaimers about consulting the owners manual before using because E85 consists of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline.


But, the price difference between ethanol blend and full gasoline is about $.40 per gallon. For us, it means a savings of $50/mo just by driving about 10 miles to Sachse to fill up both vehicles.


Many of the vehicles on the road today are already able to use this high of an ethanol blend fuel, without the owners even knowing about it. The interior of your gas door may indicate whether your vehicle can use an E85 fuel blend.


Here's the official DOE website information also:

Flex Fuel Technology


Here's the specific page to see if your vehicle is FFV compatable:

Make/Model Search

There are also tax credits for purchasing energy efficient vehicles, including FFV:

Tax Incentives


Maintenance on FFV compatible autos is the same as non-energy efficient vehicles. So, while lifetime expenses on a hybrid can equal or exceed a regular gasoline vehicle, the FFV autos don't cost more than a gas vehicle, and you still get gas savings plus the tax credits. So you wind up saving money immediately and over the life of the vehicle.

And, the other huge plus if you're environmentally aware---- ethanol blends have lower carbon and toxic emissions and is better for the environment also.


To locate a fuel station that uses E85 blends:

E85 Energy Independence

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