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Los Cabos Wedding Review (Presidente Intercontinental)!

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All in all, an unforgettable experience! Between the bonds that were created with our guests, to the big day...we can honestly say that we will never again have a week like it!


Here is a review of our VIP’s: The people that made our day happen!



Jesus & Pedro @ the Presidente Intercontinental (A+)

Considering both staff members and some vendors told us that this resort doesn’t host very many weddings, everything went absolutely perfect! Since the beginning, Jesus (Groups Coordinator) had been nothing but accommodating and got me the best price for anything I needed. If I asked to see pictures or needed a description of something, he got back to me within three-four days of my request. This was one of the reasons I decided on PI, because every other resort in Cabo took up to a week+ to reply to my general questions and after our original NJ wedding coordinator disaster, I was no longer patient!


Pedro (Events Management/Decorations/Setups) was AMAZING! Anything I asked to be changed or put in a specific way, he took care of! I brought some glass vases and seashells for my centerpieces, but he showed me some of his own creations which I absolutely fell in love with ended up using instead! I don’t know how he did it, but we saw him managing almost every restaurant we ate at morning/noon/night as well as taking care of all the wedding details. It was like he worked 24 hours a day for the entire 7 days we were there! He even secretly setup a surprise guitarist and cake for my mom’s birthday which was so nice of him! And when I was getting my hair/makeup done and a seagull crash landed in front of my terrace – must have been for good luck lol – he immediately got guys to take it away within minutes!


We had tastings the Wednesday we arrived and the resort chef seemed so nervous about our opinion! It was too cute of him! Here we are, total nobodies, and he was treating us like royalty! Our welcome dinner was hosted in one of the resorts restaurants and it went so smooth! The overall wedding timeline ran about a half hour late, but this was totally understandable because we were on the beach far from where things were being cooked/served. If I had a hard time just walking through sand with wedge heels, imagine how difficult it was for the waiters to walk with huge trays!


The entire staff is sooooo friendly and upbeat; my guests felt 100% welcome and we even made some friends out of waiters and the 2 activities guys! Everyone was so sad that we were leaving and said that they have never had a crazy group like us before! We were a total of 30, but sounded like a convention was in town lmao! They put up with so much drunken debauchery at night, but even then there were absolutely NO complaints from my guests. From the food, to rooms, to service…everyone was pleased and then some!


Future brides, I can see how this all-inclusive resort may look adobe-ish and be far away from all the action of San Lucas, but between the gazebo facing ocean/mountains/estuary and the general wedding coordination of the professionals at PI, it should not be overlooked!! Did I mention affordability too? They rock!



Bradley Fraser (A+)

We originally booked another photographer in Cabo, but there was just something about Bradley’s photographs that kept nagging my brain to pick him! We ended up doing so and what an excellent decision that was! I really dislike posed wedding pictures – I’m naturally camera shy and have extreme A.D.D. when someone wants me to look their way for too long lol – so his style was absolutely perfect for my needs.


There was a small issue with our pre-meet where Bradley thought it was on Friday, but he managed to make it within an hour after I called him to ask what was up. I was so excited about just meeting him, that he TOLD me to ask him why he was late lol! We took pictures in very interesting places (between palm trees, near a bamboo hut, the Estuary); places that one would completely overlook as a perfect spot. Those just happened to be our favorite pictures and another reason why I was so in love with PI’s surrounding! He kept calling SIL “Trouble” because of her natural gangsta’ poses lol…it was hysterical!


Due to the slow dinner service (see above) our first dances/toasts ended up running late, but Bradley stayed an extra hour for us which was mucho sweet of him! We got our photo DVD + some copies in about 48 hours and I just can’t stop gushing over how awesome he was!



Marco Arechiga (A)

Some of our guests are no wimps, and they totally cried lol! The ceremony was absolutely beautiful! Everyone raved about it. I ended up writing our ceremony with Marco putting in his own style. There was one small mix-up with the unity candle being “lit” twice, but that was minor compared to how great the entire ceremony was. Some of you girls/guys know I had a ceremony in NJ before leaving, but Marco’s really was our one and only!



Adriana @ Suzanne Morel (A)

So great! I’m totally brain farting on names, but one general coordinator, Adriana (hair/makeup) and her assistant showed up to work on my beautification. The assistant prepped my hair with curls while Adriana worked on my makeup. It was the first time that I ever got anything like that done, so my BFF was on call to make sure things were looking right and they totally didn’t mind him telling them what should/shouldn’t be done! If I felt there was too much of this makeup or too little of that poof in my hair, they would totally fix it to my requests. The fact that they came to my room made things all the more awesome since I got tons of pool time on wedding day!


The girls even joked in Spanish about the bird’s crash landing: “How many guys does it take to pick up a dead seagull?” (Answer: Three + One on an ATV lolol)



Sea Spa @ Cabo Surf (A; From What I Saw And Was Told!)

This is where my bridesmaids and mom got their hair/makeup/nails done for an incredible price! From what they told me, the salon is definitely tiny and one girl does mostly everything. In any case, they all had appointments and said they were done earlier than expected! Those that were done early would just wait around Cabo Surf checking out the surfers wink.gif They absolutely loved their hair & makeup too! My mom’s nails came out so pretty, much nicer than when she gets them regularly done here in NJ. She usually bites them off after the second day, but still has them on!



Floreria Montserrat (B)

I got my flowers through PI’s vendor and they were wayyyyy cute and inexpensive! Loved everything about them! Only complaint was the two pieces for my gazebo…they were much smaller than anticipated.



DJ Mariano of DJ System/DJ Ricardo©

I’ll be honest, this was the only area where we weren’t pleased…and unfortunately it’s what we were most obsessive about because our worst fear was an empty dance floor. I’ve narrowed it down to a total miscommunication though.


DJ Richie was booked so we got his assistant, DJ Mariano. Very nice guy, but on wedding day things went sour pretty fast. We had a pre-meet scheduled for Thursday with both DJ’s, however due to a scheduling issue, DJ Richie thought we were supposed to meet on Friday. This meant DJ Mariano didn’t make our Thursday meeting and in hindsight, we should have waited until both were present. Our mistake.


In any case, we basically went over the details of our playlist with DJ Richie. We explained how our list was just a GUIDELINE of songs we wanted to hear and they should be professionally mixed and matched in a way that sounds cohesive to a professional ear. We also assumed our DJ would mix things up based on what he saw was happening on the dance floor. In addition, we wanted a little Merengue and Salsa mixed in, but didn’t know any specific artists so we advised Richie of it (it was on our list too). Our cocktail hour was also far from our reception, so a CD needed to be made & played on the hotels speakers from our guideline.


In any case, the cocktail hour CD was made with our songs…but in the exact order I had them on my list! This was fine, but when the same technique spilled over into the first hour of dinner, I was really annoyed. I mean, the songs were in the same order AND they weren’t even mixed into each other. A song would begin, end, pause, then the other song would begin. I dunno, that wasn’t what I wanted a DJ for and it was like having an MP3 player.


I guess there was another mix-up during the last two booty shaking hours and the few Merengue and Salsa songs we wanted added in. The dance floor would go dead when a song came on that guests didn’t know (again, the entire song would play and wasn’t mixed based on what was going on on the dance floor). So I went up to Mariano 2 times to ask him to play some Spanish music and he would say ok to me, but on the third time Al tells me that he DIDN’T BRING any spanish songs because he was following the playlist only. Umm come again? If that was the case, I did have two or three “meringue and salsa” songs listed on the playlist.


Anyway, at about 10 or so, DJ Mariano seemed to loosen up and play music from his own collection and mine finally mixing them up. Our guys managed to save the dancing portion by putting on a hysterical dance competition of which no one will ever forget! Overall though, our music could have been WAY better. Communication is key!



Hope this helps all planning brides!!! smile29.gif

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Thanks Janet!

One more review:


Transcabo (A)

We arranged one way transporation for all guests through Transcabo. In total, there were about 4 suburbans and 3 shuttle services between Thursday and Friday. Everyone said Transcabo was prompt and ready to go when they arrived - even after they escaped the timeshare madness at the airport! As long as one person in the group had a voucher #, things went smooth! On Friday, one group realized another couple was unexpectedly arriving around the same time and they asked the driver to wait for half an hour. Very nice of them to agree!

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Great review... thanks for all your help:) Lots of good details... I am using Suzanne Moral for my hair too! Did you get a test run or was that your first experince? I am debating if I should get the practice make-up and hair. Thanks for your help!

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JMill: SM's services were over my budget already lol, so no trial for me. My hair is thermally reconditioned too, so I was really worried that anything they tried on my hair wouldnt stick!


Thanks to their experience (and tons of hairspray), they managed to keep curls in my hair! I say if you've ever gotten your hair professionally done before and you know how you like/want it, a trial really isnt neccesary.


And honestly, nothing against SM, but if I had known a little more about Sea Spa, I probably would have ended up going with my maids/mom to get stuff done there for more than half the price! It was only 5 minutes away from our resort too!

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