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Excursions in Varadero

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Hey, I was wondering if anybody knew of what excursions there are in Varadero? and how much they are?


I heard there is a Jeep one that sounds pretty exciting.


do you know of any others?

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The Jeep was my all time favorite!!! We are planning on doing it again during our honeymoon.


The catamaran excursion was amazing too. Youi get to swim with dolphins and have lunch on a secluded island.


I heard the tour to Havana is a must do. We haven't done it only because of the 4 hour ride.


Check out our website for a brief description of the tours and some pics.


Sophie & Mike | Welcome

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Hi! We were just there in April this year, so it's really fresh in my mind:


Jeep: approximately 80 pesos

The jeep tour was really fun - you need a driver's license and to know how to drive standard to actually drive a jeep, but it's 4 to a jeep, so if you can't, likely someone else will be able to.

Bring lots of goodies for the kids - they line the roads - we brought stuff we picked up at the dollar store and we still ran out really quickly (pens, paper, fun stuff like mini toys, etc.)

Swimming in the cave pool was totally awesome too and you see a sugar plantation, etc. pinkie.gif


Catamaran and dolphin: about 80 too, i think.

Heard great things about this, but ours kept getting cancelled because of rough seas. We didn't end up getting to go frown.gif


Havana: Ranges I think between 100 and 160 pesos? And even more, because one is overnight.


We did the Havana Special tour, which leaves in the morning and returns around 2am. The tour itself was not good (too much time on the bus and way too little actual "guiding" in town - I know, because FI had been years ago and thought this tour was terrible and some of our friends went on the same tour by a different operator on the same day and saw way more than us. We got the impression that our guide just didn't care. He was keeping us on the bus, etc. so he didn't have to do much. And then when we had lunch they brought us to a Middle Eastern restaurant! girl_werewolf.gif

The Tropicana show was the highlight of my whole trip, I think. It was worth being out for so long and being tired. It was totally incredible.elefant.gif And the guide couldn't mess this up.


Hope that helps!


Oh yeah and you can snorkel for about 30 pesos too.:)

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Feel free to check out our wedsite for information on available excursions in Varadero click on Attractions - there are a couple of reviews and some links to sites that I found that discuss the available excursions.


Chad & Amy - wedding website by mywedding.com


My only request is that if you cut and paste from my site, you note credit where credit is due...


Ciao /A

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