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October 08 Brides!

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OK OK.....I know it's still quite some time before the wedding but still...5 MONTHS!!! And I'm completely freaking out!!! I have NOT done anything for the wedding in like 2 months..I had visitors for 5 weeks and now my brother and 2 kids just moved in with FI and myself...and well..that's a WHOLE other story!!!


What have you girls done so far...

Here's my list..I want to see if I'm behind..well see HOW FAR behind I am!


Booked Dreams

Booked TA

Sent out STD

Got my dress

Picked my colors



THATS IT! I know I have so much more to do....

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Well, you're ahead of me!! I haven't really done ANYTHING! I've booked our stay, and sent out the save the dates and TA info...but thats it! So I know how you feel! We still haven't really made a decision where we're even having the ceremony and...uggh, I'm starting to frazzle just thinking about EVERYTHING I still have to do!! At least you have a dress!! Ha!


Oh, and we have the same wedding day!! Good luck to us!!

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Picked a date and location

Hired a wedding planner

Booked wedding hotel

Set up web site

Set an itinerary for the 3 days

Sent our Save The Dates

Picked a reception location - still negotiating with restaurant

Created inspiration board

Contracted a photographer

Reviewed menus and made selection appetizer selection

Bought a dress


Reserved all honey moon locations


Remaining items: ( most to be done by planner)

Purchase airline tickets

OOT bags and all the stuff that goes inside, we are thinking of getting most of it there.

Finalized reception

Planner making site visit to photograph at the end of this month

Purchase wedding accessories: Parasols, flip flops, Chinese Laterns, sparklers and bubbles, etc

Send out invitations

Make programs

Make seating cards

Make booklets for OOT bags - weekend guide

Put together music list

Purchase Grooms clothes

Purchase Grooms gift

Purchase gift for BM, MOH and my twin nephews who are walking me down the aisle.

Purchase wedding bands

Get microphone

Purchase bridal under garments and Wedding night naughty nighty

Purchase luggage for all this stuff

Book sunset cruise

Finalize seasonal flowers

Pick bar choice

Hire acoustical guitarist for ceremony

Most importantly finalize ceremony including readings

and much more.

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Don't feel so bad. I'm not far behind you. I actually got alot done today.


Booked resort

Made travel arragements

Printed invitations (today)

bought Wedding dress (today)

Got grooms attire (today)


May not look like alot but took all day.

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Hi ladies!


I am getting married 10-09-08... and i don't feel like i have done much at all! cheesy.gif


I have a dress... that i am not 100% certain i want to wear now! I have no shoes or accessories. We have a shirt for FI, but no pants <lol>. Nothing for his best man. My MOH has her dress.


Our flights and resort and all that stuff are booked. That has been done for a while and i am SOOO relieved. I have also finished our wedding website, so now i can give that out to everyone who asks where we are going!


Not inviting people (except for my MOH/best friend and her boyfriend and FI's best man/best friend and his wife) so not sending invites.


still have A LOT of work to do, including (but not limited to!)

Finalize dress

Get accessories & shoes

Get pants and shoes for the man!

Figure out Best Man outfit

Plan, buy and assemble stuff for OOT (should be fairly easy w/ so few people!)

Gifts for MOH and BM



find announcements and prepare them for mailing

plan AHR (that is a whole other crisis!)

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