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Assigned seating?

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#11 MissyR

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    Posted 04 May 2008 - 07:37 PM

    We have 44 people booked so far and we are doing assigned seating - less headaches for everyone I think ...

    #12 Pisces

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      Posted 04 May 2008 - 07:57 PM

      We only have 14 and we are definitely doing assigned seating. As a guest, I would be really uncomfortable at a wedding without assigned seating. It just makes it annoying work for your guests.
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      #13 katrina


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        Posted 04 May 2008 - 08:31 PM

        i agree with what everyone has said and plan on doing it myself. i'm more worried about the more acquaintance people sitting next to me instead of our family.

        buuuut, how is everyone going about it? this might sound silly but how does the coordinator know where each person sits? do you make up a mockup to give to the wc? clearly i've never thrown any sort of large party!

        #14 Pisces

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          Posted 04 May 2008 - 11:09 PM

          I'm making place cards for everyone and will print a seating chart for my WC to have them at the appropriate tables. We have a small enough crowd that we will be close to everyone. I just want to coordinate who sits with who, due to lots of divorce issues with guests!
          Colin in I in 2005 when we fell in love with Maui!

          #15 diezelgrrl

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            Posted 04 May 2008 - 11:48 PM

            thanks ladies...I think i'll assign seats for everyone so people know where they're going!
            it'll give me an excuse to think up cute diy cards too lol...off the bat i'm thinking of something with starfish!

            #16 marip123

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              Posted 05 May 2008 - 12:50 AM

              We have decided on assigned seating. We are having 31 people, but we just thought it would be best if we seat people where we think they would be happiest like family with family and friends with friends. We've decided on 2 long tables, and we will sit amongst our family at one table. But, i'm sure there will be a lot of mingling!
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              #17 S2BLennon

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                Posted 05 May 2008 - 02:45 AM

                I feel like no matter what size your wedding, it is more comfortable for you and guests involved to not deal with where to sit and place their things prior to dinner. Not only that it feels more formal and inviting for people, especially for a wedding reception.

                i agree- keep it simple for the rehersal dinner or any other pre-wedding parties.

                I mean I put place cards out for a thanksgiving dinner I hosted this year!

                #18 starchild



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                  Posted 05 May 2008 - 02:45 AM

                  We didn't, I really didn't want to have that much structure. We had about 30 people too. There were 2 seats at the head of a long table that were obviously ours, and people just sat where they wanted.

                  For a split second I considered a chart but I would have put the wedding party nearest to us, which means their guests too. So basically a GM's date who he's known for like 3 months would be in my face while my mom/someone I cared about was far away...lol Wasn't feeling that.

                  It worked fine, nobody was confused about how to sit down, and it was less work to just let it flow rather than make a chart. Maybe it depends on your crowd? Some of our guests actually said it was cool that they could sit with who they wanted, but it was a kick back barefoot wedding. If it was large and formal I probably would have made one.

                  Good luck :)

                  #19 becks



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                    Posted 05 May 2008 - 09:44 AM

                    We're going with assigned seating. It's just easier for everyone - and it's not like they stay in their seats for very long, anyway.

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                    #20 michelle08

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                      Posted 05 May 2008 - 09:54 AM

                      We have 26 plus us so 28 total. We are having 5 rounds of 6 and I have assigned seating!

                      I wanted this because fiances mom and dad are divorced and none of his siblings are extremely fond of their father and they wouldn't want to sit w/ him but I need them to so everyone fits since I am paying for the chairs...I don't want extras plus it's just easier to know like you said that it's all organized and it's not like for 30 it's really a headache as it would be to assign seats for like 100 guests.

                      I think you should do it and if you do it to where you put people with pretty much the same people they know, etc...then they will be happy and it would most likely turn out to look the same should you have let them pick. Just don't purposely put people w/ people they don't know.

                      About you and fiance's seats...put yourself where you can fit in or have the sweetheart table. I wanted a sweetheart table but fiance didn't so we are with his two friends and their wives which I feel a little bad about but really it works and we won't be sitting long so who cares! :)

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