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Import Fees?

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    Posted 22 August 2007 - 09:49 AM

    Originally Posted by MERRYME
    It is possible to do the swicheroo on the baggage plus kind of legal. You and your FH (and other family members if you want a third option towards a green light) will have to fill out seperate declartion forms. Then you will each kind of stand toghether with luggage but have him hand his form to the customs agent and he will press button. If he gets green have him grab ALL of the luggage but maybe leave one with your clothes. You will act as if this is your luggage and go through the same procedure. Most of the international airports are a mess each time a flight arrives and you can do this pretty easy. Just go over the system with your family or FH.
    That doesn't sound too bad. FH and I will fly out solo so we will have to get our plan in place...I will have to make sure this is one of the conversations he actually listens too!!!
    Here's what ended up happening with us when we landed in PV. We had some stuff spread out among other travelers, but basically had an entire mega-sized duffle bag with OOT stuff. We got a red light.

    We get to the inspection table and there are like 3 people working. So 2 of them start on our bags. The girl who was inspecting the duffle bag was on her cell phone and kind of halfway paying attention anyway. She did pick up things like the neck safes, playing cards, dominoes, etc. and look at them a second. The inspector next to her looked at it too, then asked me if I was getting married. I said yes and they zipped our stuff up and let us go.

    That was it, no hassle. Maybe we were lucky? Someone once mentioned being in Cabo I think and being asked for receipts to verify the value of the items. I don't know how common that is, or if Cabo is more stringent than PV, but we had no problems whatsoever.

    Leaving PV they inspect your luggage again, and I had some leftover trinkets that the lady inspecting thought were cute. She called another lady over to look at them and I asked her in Spanish if they had kids and wanted them. They did so we gave them 2 bags of stuff and lightened our load at the same time :o)
    Yeah I guess it's just luck of the draw...I think it's great you both benefitted at the end!!! :)

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