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How to uninvite a BM

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Originally Posted by LALA View Post
I'm late to this but here goes...

#1 I hate this girl already. Who does that?
#2 I think you should tell her that bc you are having a DW you are "resetting" the bridal party. Then ask who you want to ask and leave her out.
#3 If she says ANYTHING about why she's not in it say "it probably has to do with the fact you like to lie about the groom. real friends don't do that."

LALA, yours is my fave! I like the "resetting" the bridal party... that a really good one.

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I'm sorry guys but I like Sherri's idea the best! LOL. So I wanted to thank you all so much for your advice and for letting me vent. I know it seems so cut and dry about what I should do but as I said it is a long story and actually she did this to me before I even asked her to be a BM. I know I'm an idiot. I felt bad for her and I forgave her (stupid). I am a lawyer and all I do all day is fight for people's rights, blah, blah, blah. In my personal life I like to be relaxed and have fun, and I can't stand drama (unless it's on TV of course, or unless it's someone else's drama, then I love to hear all about it and talk shit). So I forgave this dumb girl and things were good between us, and I asked her to be a BM and then I found out that she did other dumb stuff. Aside from her telling her fake BF that my FI hit on her, she also put another friend's name into it, (to make it more believable, she claims) and now the friend does not talk to her. Nobody likes her anymore b/c of the shady things she does. Anyway I wrote her an e-mail and kind of mentioned that b/c James and I are no longer having a traditional wedding we think it would be too much and look stupid to have so many people in our bridal party. I told her that we will either not have a bridal party at all (lie), have only family (another lie) or that if we do have friends they will be people who have been their from the beginning of our relationship and seen us grow (eew that sounds so corny but someone gave me that idea). Then I told her that I had unasked all my BM's and that I would make a decision later on. But I left it kind of vague and went on to tell her that I hoped she understood since she was my "UNDERSTANDING" friend. She wrote back "oh my gosh of course I understand". FAKE. Then I heard that she has been e-mailing the friend whose wedding is coming up b/c she is desperately trying to get asked to be a BM. This is what I deal with in NY. FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!


Anny I love your idea but she's not dumb and she would catch on. I am also having 8 BM's. Whatever she'll just have to get over it!



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Glenda, I wouln't have even told her that she wasn't going to be a BM anymore. She doesn't call you, she does horrible things to you, I would have just left her out of everything and when she asked about it, I would have brought all of this up and told her exactly why she wasn't in my wedding.


I'm so mean! but I've had similar situations in my life and I hate when people that are supposed to be your friends do shit like this!

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